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a small pocketknife

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She used a bladed article, described in court as a penknife, during 'two bursts' of stabbing.
"They said no and he said 'I have a knife, so move' and then flipped this penknife out.
A YOUNG child showed off a penknife to other kids at a Stockton primary school.
A MAN has been given a suspended jail sentence after he threatened another with a penknife outside a newsagents in Huddersfield.
Police were called to the school in Edinburgh when teachers discovered the 14-year-old in possession of a penknife.
Photojournalist Ahmed Gamal Ziada was reportedly stabbed by an unknown assailant with a penknife in downtown Cairo Friday night, and his brother Mohamed Ziada described the incident as an "assassination attempt".
In his left hand he held a penknife and once he realised police was at the scene he began to swear, brandishing the knife.
Contract notice: Supply of flashlight / hammer car, Handbag holder, penknife etc.
High on my list, though, has to be the humble penknife. Time was when men - and women - carried one and their purpose was manifold.
Bear, who had his first penknife at six, said: "My six-year-old cut himself on a knife and came in with blood pouring everywhere, but you know what?
This was a chance to exhibit my masculinity, confirm my place among the hunter-gatherers, and use the one thing to set me apart from lesser men - my penknife.
A 10-YEAR-OLD boy has been suspended from a Pontypridd primary school for carrying a penknife in his pocket.
What was the original purpose of a penknife? where?
A climber who spent five days trapped by a rock until, in desperation, he hacked through his own arm with a penknife.