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And as my extreme weakness prevented me from getting up and going to him, I lay there, penitently whispering, "O God bless him!
'Wickfield's plans,' said the Doctor, stroking his face, and looking penitently at his adviser.
He wrote that he felt his weakness and incapacity to struggle against temptation without his help and penitently confessed his sin of pride.
penitently prepares for the journey to his eternal home.
The university has had to respond to the barrage of criticisms it faced after the announcement by explaining that the processes leading to the rustication of Adebajo conformed to its laid-down regulations and that it was simply following its own internal rules and regulations with the announcement of the rustication, suggesting to all criticising it to advise Adebajo to avail himself of the opportunity to utilise the appeal system in the university by penitently approaching the Governing Council to look into the case.
The imprisoned were left to penitently reflect, repent, and realign themselves with that of God in them.
There let him penitently kneel [and] make his submission and ask mercy
But, perhaps more penitently, there was the form in the final five games of the season three years ago from Wilfied Bony.
Leontes would, in this set of calculations, therefore be 44 when he penitently awaits the arrival of Florizel and his mistress, the king's daughter Perdita.
As the play develops, each character changes his relationship to rhetoric, Poeta increasingly asserting his rhetorical dominance through the direct approach and Paul penitently emptying himself by withdrawing his bombastic words to become God's servant.
After Pearl Harbor, Americans penitently revised their estimation of Wilson, recasting him as a prophet whom they had ignored at their peril.
Similarly Diehl understands Angelo as penitently seeking forgiveness at the end of the play in "Infinite Space," 408-9.
The tainted soul would be cleansed of sin if the believer, kneeling before the altar with the prayer card in his hands, prayed ten Our Fathers and three Hail Marys, gazing penitently at the high flames among which the profaner of Christ lay in torment, with a fat green serpent wrapped around his naked torso, praying to Father Abraham, while the crab-red devil, wings unfurled, thick horns sprouting from his head, spilled gall into his mouth.
At home again in Marseilles, he spent his days penitently