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showing remorse

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This mark of the beast is the mark of the body, the stigma of the flesh, but not in the sense of an instinctive violence or brute concupiscence that must somehow be mastered or penitentially worked through in the ordeal of Bisclavret's year in the forest.
Perhaps lesser bishop, old Nick, would be more at home hanging up his fancy cope and mitre and penitentially sitting cross-legged on the ground munching through a plate of husks?
Yes, Catholics can affirm, penitentially and humbly, that the one, true church subsists in the Catholic Church, but this affirmation must infuse Catholic identity with the challenge to openness and outreach to engender the fullness of that unity with all Christians.
While "dashing down shrines, smashing idols" in India, Conversion also "stands preaching" at Hyde Park Corner and "walks penitentially disguised as brotherly love through factories and parliaments" (109-110).
Vegetables are taken with reluctance, or penitentially, or not at all.