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Synonyms for penitential

feeling or expressing regret for one's sins or misdeeds

Synonyms for penitential

showing or constituting penance


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for procession dubbed the 'Penitential Walk for Life' to commemorate the suffering and death of Jesus.
As with the 1st ed., the 11 papers of this collection were selected from meetings held in 2003-2005 addressing the topic of penitential prayer.
The rhetorical questions I have posed to my students when they share these impressions are: If a foreign visitor came to largely Catholic Chicago during our penitential season of Lent, would he or she particularly notice anything?
The group said they went to the sites on Friday morning 'to check on the garbage situation following the penitential pilgrimage that attracted millions of devotees from the National Capital Region and nearby provinces.'
Amongst her clues are possible references to the Wycliffe's translation of the Bible, specific allusions to Lollards, and themes of Lollardism, including he language of sin and redemption, penitential language, legal terms, and the language of persecution.
True, the opening Penitential Rite and the Liturgy of the Word are addressed to the people, so the priest should be facing the people.
The scene proclaims the strong penitential spirit of Mexicans and Mexican Americans.
Hundreds of Catholic faithful joined the Good Friday 5-kilometer 'Penitential Walk for Life,' whether or they support President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly drug war.
Seeking the favor of God; v.1: The origins of penitential prayer in second temple Judaism.
Jewish philosopher Bernard-Henry Levy comments on the penitential gesture
The iconography of Mary Magdalene in Western art shows her as the first witness to the Resurrection (most frequently in the Noli Me Tangere--"Do not hold on to me," John 20:17-- scenes); as apostle to the apostles; as preacher-evangelist; and as archetypal penitential saint.
She abandoned her charitable work, however, to live as an emparedada, or recluse given to austere penitential practices.
Serve food for the penitential 'Caridad' (food sharing) in reusable containers that can be washed and reused all over again.
The proceedings were the same: mutual requests for forgiveness, a penitential rite including 1 John 1:10, "if we say we have not sinned we make Him (God) a liar, and His Word is not in us", readings from the Gospel.
For a designated period he performed penitential works prescribed by the bishop and was watched, counseled, and prayed over by other members of the congregation.