penis envy

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(psychoanalysis) a female's presumed envy of the male's penis

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Where Freud would probably have seen a regression into penis envy or an unrequited wish for a child, a more contemporary observer might see something else--possibly a creative vision.
Just because your girl doesn't want to transition, she still might be green-eyed with penis envy. Doesn't everyone wish they had a pork sword, even just for one night?
G's envy and hatred of maleness fit Stoller's description of Freud's "penis envy" common to all women.
"Keith has penis envy. There's not an ounce of truth in it.
An FMA, as I understand it, should seek to uncover hidden causes of actions or emotions--causes that one might be loath to admit play a role (Freud's hypothesized "Oedipal complex" and "penis envy" constructs are well-known examples).
never suffered from penis envy, although she is grateful for and shows
It could have been hysteria, penis envy, or some form of psychosomatic vaginosis; or maybe it was just the accumulated guilt and uprightness brought on by tens of thousands of years of the whole hung-up, Apollonian, blue-nosed, Judeo-Christian, puritanical establishment.
However, on page 45 she writes, "Russ's novel was first published in 1969, approximately at the same time when Kate Millett's Sexual Politics (1970) appeared, with its extended polemic against Freud's theory of penis envy." Then on page 178, Teslenko writes, "The Female Man was first published in 1975, and it is considered one of the first feminist utopias of the 1970s." In a historicized and historicizing study like Feminist Utopian Novels of the 1970s: Joanna Russ & Dorothy Bryant, it is crucial to be scrupulously accurate about such matters.
PENIS envy apart, Freud had to admit that despite his 30 years of research into the "feminine soul", he had still not been able to resolve the great question: What does Woman want?
WE'VE all heard of penis envy, that mythical jealousy that women are supposed to feel at not being born with a certain physical appendage granted to men.
Kane, from Newcastle, claims he suffers from 'penis envy' and has felt extremely inadequate as he has lived as a castrated man since the surgery.
felt "penis envy" and has felt extremely inadequate as he has lived as a castrated man since the surgery.
From his home in Keelmans Apartments, City Road, Newcastle, Mr Kane said he has felt "penis envy" and has felt extremely inadequate as he lived as a castrated man since the surgery.