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a large mass of land projecting into a body of water

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Lower California, in length about seven hundred miles, forms a great peninsula, which crosses the tropics and terminates in the torrid zone.
The peninsula of California was settled in 1698, by the Jesuits, who, certainly, as far as the natives were concerned, have generally proved the most beneficent of colonists.
Such is a slight and imperfect sketch of this remarkable peninsula.
`Who would have thought that the overseer of my plantation on the peninsula, to whom I lent two hundred francs, had genius?
Alluding to the extent of Florida, a mere peninsula confined between two seas, they pretended that it could never sustain the shock of the discharge, and that it would "bust up" at the very first shot.
On the following day, the ship having drifted near the land, anchored in fourteen fathoms water, to the northward of the long peninsula or promontory which forms the north side of the entrance, and is called Cape Disappointment.
Within his remembrance, and even since his mature age, the site where now stood the populous town had been a wild and forest-covered peninsula. The province, now so fertile and spotted with thriving villages, had been a desert wilderness.
Restoration of the Peninsula Paris was led by Richard Martinet of Affine Architecture and Interior Design, while the interiors were designed by Chhada Siembieda & Associates' Henry Leung.
New research published in the Journal of Climate has pinpointed the source of autumn warming on the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula.
Senior Chinese official Wu Dawei plans to visit the United States next week for talks on how to defuse escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula, diplomatic sources said Wednesday.
BEIJING (TAP) - China is willing to promote dialogue between North and South Korea as stability on the Korean peninsula is also in China's interests, President Xi Jinping told his South Korean counterpart on Wednesday, China's Foreign Ministry said.
The Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council presented Era Alaska with the Outstanding Support Business in Tourism award as part of the Kenai Peninsula's Industry Appreciation Day.
The Phoenicians, and possibly the Greeks, were involved in mining copper at Swansea, and the Lleyn Peninsula, for centuries, prior to the Roman invasion of Britain.
Peninsula Hong Kong Peninsula Hong Kong Offers Helicopter Champagne Breakfast.
Melbourne, Australia, April 28, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Pluton Resources Limited (ASX:PLV) have received final concentrate assay results from the Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) analysis of the third consignment of Yampi Member composite samples taken from the current Phase II drilling program at the Hardstaff Peninsula, Irvine Island, Western Australia (E04/1172).
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