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In comparison, the world's tallest living penguin, the Emperor Penguin, stands at 1.
The discovery of Crossvallia Waiparensis, a monster penguin from the Paleocene Epoch (between 66 and 56 million years ago), added to the list of gigantic, but extinct, New Zealand fauna.
Fossils of a ( giant penguin that stood as tall as humans have been discovered on New Zealand's South Island.
Nuno had a dream - but he probably never thought he would have a penguin named after him.
The Penguins" is a delightful children's illustrated book about Sadie, a musical king penguin who stars in a hot rock group from the British owned Falkland Islands, down in the Southern Hemisphere, off the coast of South America.
The penguin's striking colouring is a matter of camouflage - from above, its black back blends into the murky depths of the ocean.
Denmark's Odense Zoo observed that the young penguin was 'kidnapped' by the gay couple while it was left alone, reports DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation).
JUDY Murray declared, "I'm a granny all over again" yesterday as she visited her penguin "family" at an aquarium.
he young male Humboldt penguin with the yellow tag on his right wing is a star pupil: He touches the coloured board with his beak for a full four seconds.
Hosted by 'Caroline Spratt' (penguin pun level 5.0 there guys), episode one of Penguin Love Island features boys Juanito, Earl and Raymi and girls Chira, Chakana and Cooper as they try to pair off.
How did scientists find and count these penguins? Pictures taken by the satellite revealed a lot of penguin poop stains on the rocks on the island.
He and three other scientists are leading the project to develop the penguin homes.
? Chester Zoo's new penguin pool New penguin home opens CHESTER Zoo's penguins now have a new environment to splash around in.
Penguin Awareness Day fell on Friday, and in addition to the famous King penguins, Taipei Zoo hoped the public could notice a rarer species living next door - the African penguin.
FOLLY Farm has welcomed its 20th penguin chick - and it's been named Obama.