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formerly the basic unit of money in Hungary until it was replaced by the forint in 1946

a Dravidian language spoken in south central India

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International Equipment Solutions (IES) was created by KPS in 2011 to acquire the Paladin, Genesis, Pengo, Crenlo and Emcor brands.
Co- articulatory metathesis in Cebuano is different from that of Pengo. It happens in cases when a coronal stop or nasal is followed by a labial or velar, because of vowel syncope the segments reverse their order.
Well-known brand names include Dura-Line, TT Technologies, Wacker, Railhead, Premier Pipe, Condux and Pengo.
Maria Angata Veri Tahi a Pengo Hare Kohou sucedio al asesinado rey Riroroko; en impugnacion a los malos tratos y a la negacion de la comida por parte de la Compania Explotadora, asumio un liderazgo particular.
Note remainder of DEDR 1906: Pengo kuli 'paddy [rice in field, unhusked rice]', etc.
Weil die Schwaben Angst hatten, an die vorderste Front geschickt zu werden, begannen sie fur 5 pengo einen madjarischen Namen zu kaufen.
WARWICK: 2.10 Definite Future, 2.45 Mrs Peachey, 3.15 Malak Des Mottes, 3.50 Pengo's Boy, 4.20 AMERICAN LEGEND (NAP), 4.50 Tanit River, 5.20 Paco Jack.
Thus, Pengo and co-authors (2011) predicted interactions with certain antibiotics, antiepileptics, antihypertensives, and antiarrythmics.
Bleeding risks in patients who are anticoagulated are also dependent on renal function so careful assessment of these parameters is critical before initiation and during therapy; monitoring is especially critical for dabigatran because it is excreted via the kidneys to a greater extent than rivaroxaban or apixaban (Pengo et al., 2011; Siegal & Crowther, 2012).
Pengo et al., "CHOP-independent apoptosis and pathway-selective induction of the UPR in developing plasma cells," Molecular Immunology, vol.
(9.) Pengo V, Tripodi A, Reber G, Rand JH, Ortel TL, Galli M, De Groot PG, Subcommittee on Lupus Anticoagulant/Antiphospholipid Antibody of the Scientific and Standardisation Committee of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis J Thromb Haemost.
Next to him lie sepatukng manji, sepatukng silih, and branches from three plants: pis a, pengo and paku parapm.
Drilling Grade Carbide Conical Teeth from STRATA are designed to withstand the toughest drilling conditions and provide the highest return on investment, according to Pengo Sales.