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Synonyms for penetrative

having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions

tending to penetrate


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Patients included in the study were estrogen-deficient breast cancer survivors with severe penetrative dyspareunia not associated with pelvic muscle or organ pain.
In his new book, Crime, Nick said: "Half of all women who have had penetrative sex unwillingly do not think they were raped and this proportion rises strongly when the assault involves a boyfriend or if the woman is drunk or high on drugs: they led him on, they went too far, it wasn't forcible, they didn't make themselves clear.
In Australia, cattle are stunned prior to slaughter using a penetrative captive bolt, non-penetrative (percussive) captive bolt, or electrical methods, and, according to Gregory and Shaw (2000), when stunning is done correctly, the animal feels no pain and becomes instantly unconscious.
It can be used to deal with sexual crimes such as sexual harassment, penetrative or non- penetrative sexual abuse, and pornography for anyone who is less than 18 years old
Sheffield Crown Court heard that despite the defendant admitting touching the girl sexually, there was no penetrative sex between them and Pooley, of Leeds, had continually dismissed the teenager's requests for him to "take her virginity".
Twisted John Frederick Jones, pictured, formerly of Redland Avenue, in Fawdon, Newcastle, admitted a total of 13 offences, including two indecent assaults, two offences of indecency with a child, five offences of penetrative activity with a child and four offences of sexual activity with a child.
4 overs because Middlesex's quality seam and swing attack, led by Steven Finn, Corey Collymore and Tim Murtagh, has been so penetrative in their bid to reclaim a place in the top flight.
However, for long periods Chester were the more penetrative of the
In 54 chapters, they provide photos and instructions on minimally penetrative surgery with microtubes, glaucoma shunts, pars plana AGV, canaloplasty, carbon dioxide laser assisted deep sclerectomy and titanium-sapphire laser trabeculoplasty, drainage implant and refractive surgery, and other procedures.
As independent variables we used six offensive tactics, each of which had two categories: counter attack versus elaborate attack, final third versus first third, long possession versus short possession, long pass versus short pass, penetrative pass versus non-penetrative pass, and space pass versus foot pass, and for each variable a product term between that variable and match location was also added.
Pakistan, in turn, always looked like it was struggling against an experienced and penetrative bowling attack and was eventually bowled out for 122 in 45.
Q MY girlfriend of four years had a medical condition which made penetrative sex very painful.
Keith's a penetrative passer and I think of a couple of balls - one for Liam Ridgewell, who fired across the face of goal and one when he opened up the defence for Scott Sinclair to put the cross in for Kevin Phillips to score the equaliser.
During that time he became convinced that just as gentle, controlled heating increased the luster and smooth finish of jewelry, uniform gentle heating could melt soy wax into whisper light, smooth oil to create an ultimately penetrative skin care product.