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Synonyms for penetrative

having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions

tending to penetrate


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Crime against children has been classified into that of " penetrative" sexual assault, which could be of aggravated nature also, and that of non- penetrative kind, which could again be of aggravated nature.
Q MY girlfriend of four years had a medical condition which made penetrative sex very painful.
DAILY EXPRESS: "Although Stuttgart could count themselves unlucky, especially after a first half which they dominated, Boro were always far more penetrative up front and they must now be confident of progressing after a job extremely well done."
But I couldn't have penetrative sex because I was a sperm donor, and I'd premised the lesbians I wouldn't risk infection.
The repeated penetrative gestures at the heart of these subversive acts evoke an erotics of consumption, an angle that Beshty's newest photographic project makes abundantly clear.
PHILADELPHIA -- Lesbians under age 30 commonly practice vaginal penetrative sex manually or with sex toys, yet have a poor understanding of the possible accompanying risk of bacterial vaginosis, Dr.
(1) In a cohort study of female university students who initially did not have genital HPV infection, women who were sexually experienced (had had penetrative vaginal sex with a male partner) at the study's start and those who became sexually experienced during the study were similarly likely to become infected.
Hinson, who was able to avoid an end to his political career when he was accused of penetrative oral sex with a white man but not when he was accused of giving oral stimulation to a black man, and Gov.
The scientists were also careful to point out that the risk posed by penetrative stunning techniques is only really present in older animals and in countries with a higher BSE ranking.
Psychiatrist Robin Edward Lawrence, aged 43, offered to help cure the 25-year-old virgin of her fear of penetrative sex by having intercourse with her himself, the GMC professional conduct committee heard.
To discourage child sexual abuse, sections 4, 5 and 6 of POCSO are proposed to be amended to provide an option of stringent punishment including death penalty for committing aggravated penetrative sexual assault crime on a child to protect the children from sexual abuse.
Ryan Donnelly, 18, faces four charges of engaging in penetrative sexual activity with a girl aged 13 to 15.
The former Crimewatch presenter made the comments in his new book, serialised in the Mail on Sunday, in which he claimed half of all women who have had penetrative sex unwillingly do not think they were raped.
John Frederick Jones, 32, formerly of Redland Avenue, Newcastle, admitted a total of 13 offences, including two indecent assaults, two offences of indecency with a child, five offences of penetrative activity with a child and four offences of sexual activity with a child.