penetrating trauma

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injury incurred when an object (as a knife or bullet or shrapnel) penetrates into the body

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Kahn, "Sternotomy or drainage for a haemopericardium after penetrating trauma: a randomized controlled trial," Annals of Surgery, vol.
Penetrating trauma in urban women: patterns of injury and violence.
Penetrating trauma had a much higher rate of fatality overall, and the type and site of penetration injury mattered a great deal.
"Our penetrating trauma incidents are really excellent in comparison to many other similar-sized cities in New England and around the country,'' he said.
The etiology of vascular injury was blunt trauma in 26 cases and penetrating trauma in 17 cases.
Raska et al (5) did a review of the literature to provide a recommended treatment protocol for penetrating trauma in children.
(4) Carotid artery injuries comprise 5% of arterial trauma, and while most of them occur with penetrating trauma, carotid injuries are increasingly being recognized as a complication of blunt trauma.
The nonrandomized, phase II trial will use emergency preservation and resuscitation (EPR), as it is now called, to buy surgeons much-needed time in victims of blunt or penetrating trauma who have exsanguinated to the point of cardiac arrest.
Penetrating trauma accounts for approximately 15% of testicular trauma.[sup.4] The most common causes are gunshot and stab wounds.
Known causes include acoustic or physical trauma (including penetrating trauma), infection (tympanogenic or meningogenic labyrinthitis), surgical iatrogenic injury, vestibular schwannoma, autoimmune disorders, and sudden attacks of Meniere disease.
And even with body armor, penetrating trauma can cause air to escape the body quickly, which creates pressure on the lungs, leading to asphyxiation.--Army News Service
This conditionrarely occurs without penetrating trauma, but there are isolated case reports of atrial tears and ventricular tears and associated mitral valve and aortic valve injuries.