penetrating injury

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injury incurred when an object (as a knife or bullet or shrapnel) penetrates into the body

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Moe, "Transorbital penetrating injury of paranasal sinuses and anterior skull base by a plastic chair glide: Management options of a foreign body in multiple anatomic compartments," Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery, vol.
Of 10 cases of splenic injury, five were managed conservatively while four cases managed by splenectomy and in one case of penetrating injury leading to foreign body impaction in spleen managed by foreign body removal by exploration while conserving the spleen.
We analyzed charts of 33 patient with acute traumatic cataracts due to penetrating injury. All patients had a monocular cataract with a history of trauma to the eye in the preceding hours or days.
This study brings to light the importance of rectum-associated injuries in the presence of a bladder penetrating injury.
in 1955 wrote that they were in complete agreement with Ravitch, Blalock and Elkin in their recommendation that the initial treatment of a penetrating injury to the heart should be non-operative and that attempted cardiac repair should be reserved for those patients that do not respond.
When dropping her back down onto the floor the snooker cue entered her mouth and she suffered a penetrating injury to the right side of the gingivo-labial sulcus to an unknown depth.
The types of small and large intestines' injuries n % Penetrating injuries of duodenum 5 3 Rupture of duodenum 2 1.2 Penetrating injury of small intestine 90 53.9 Multiple ruptures of small intestine 5 3 Penetrating injury of large intestine 46 27.5 Small and large intestines' injuries 19 11.4 Total: 167 100 Table 2.
Major injuries include fractures of bones other than fingers, thumbs or toes; amputation; dislocation of hip, knee or spine and any penetrating injury to the eye ?
* Penetrating injury: where there is deep laceration/deep perforation of the soft tissues but the toothbrush has been already removed from the wound,
An emergency craniectomy allowed his brain to swell, but he'd suffered a severe penetrating injury to the right side of his head.
Sympathetic ophthalmitis is a rare ocular inflammatory condition where a penetrating injury or intra-ocular surgery to one eye predisposes the other, uninjured, eye to vision loss.
Penetrating injury to the palate can range from relatively innocuous to rather significant and dangerous, depending on the location of the entry wound intraorally.
Retention of a foreign body in the heart or great vessels may be due to direct penetrating injury or embolism.
Penetrating injury of the soft palate during glidescope intubation.