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the quality of being penetrable (by people or light or missiles etc

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Antibacterial effects, poor oral bioavailability, and limited brain penetrability are important limitations of CEF.
Guidelines for chloride ion penetrability based on charge passed (ASTM C1202 1993).
Besides, the fast movement of molecules provided by this combined method increases the solvent penetrability and promotes a greater dissolution speed of plant elements in short time [11].
Furthermore, the gelling time is a crucial parameter to evaluate their suitability since gelation cannot be too fast, to facilitate its application over the stone and its penetrability, nor too slow, to avoid evaporation of volatile molecules.
However, in the real structure, the penetrability of cathodic agents may be limited, in particular, to the depth of the steel: the cover depth usually exceeds 50-100 mm in a marine environment, and thus, the access of oxygen and water is restricted to the steel.
Concrete cylinders of 75 mm x 150 mm and 100 mm x 200 mm were also cast for testing the concrete porosity and the concrete chloride ion penetrability, respectively.
In general, grout must be characterized by four essential properties: the penetrability, the stability, the mechanical characteristics, and the durability.
But the sand had the characteristics of poor water stability, high penetrability, and low antierosion.
Two randomized studies found that using ulipristal and progestin containing hormonal contraceptives resulted in no significant differences in time to ovarian quiescence or cervical mucus penetrability. Both studies showed that using a progestin, containing oral contraceptive immediately after ulipristal, reduces the efficacy of ulipristal.
The null hypothesis tested was that the penetrability, bond strength and failure mode associated with AH Plus and MTA Fillapex sealers would not be influenced by the presence or absence of humidity.
Perceptual Experience and Cognitive Penetrability, SOMOGY VARGA
Cinnamon oil appears to have increased the insecticidal activity of rotenone by increasing the penetrability of the midgut cells and causing increased retention of rotenone in the hemolymph, ventral nerve cord, and brain.
Stapled peptides are chemically stabilized alpha-helical peptides that are modified to improve their stability and cell penetrability while maintaining high affinity for large protein surfaces.