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the supreme war chief of the ancient Britons

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Admiral Pendragon sat down again as abruptly as he had risen; but he sat quite still, and when he spoke again it was in a lower voice.
She might have seen something to interest her: the sign of the ship, or Mr Walter Pendragon coming home, and perhaps even the sign of the half-man, for though he is certainly safe by now, he may very well have waded ashore.
He saw that the frustrated fire was extinguished; and then refused to linger, though he actually heard young Pendragon, escorted by an enthusiastic crowd, come tramping up the river bank; and might (had he been moved by romantic curiosities) have received the combined thanks of the man from the ship and the girl from the canoe.
"Do you mean Pendragon's chart of his Pacific Islands?" asked Fanshaw.
It was built by the Pendragons in the very days of the Spanish wars; and though it's needed patching and even rebuilding for another reason, it's always been rebuilt in the old way.
If all the Pendragons sailed about anyhow, he thought there would be too much chance of natural catastrophes to prove anything.
I tell you it was from perfectly natural mishap; lots of other people besides Pendragons were drowned; and both disasters are discussed in a normal way by navigators.
EVANS HALSHAW owner Pendragon said yesterday it would be focusing on used car sales, because of a subdued market for new vehicles.
PENDRAGON said it wants the Government's "cash for bangers" scheme extended after seeing improvements in new and used car markets.
Nottingham-based Pendragon, which owns Stratstone dealers, has six months of advance orders.
Byline: By Jon Griffin ..HDLN: Pendragon profit drive
Stockton's Jaguar dealership has changed its trading name from Reg Vardy to Stratstone, following Pendragon's recent acquisition of the Reg Vardy Group.
CAR dealership Pendragon tabled a hostile offer worth pounds 258.8m for rival Lookers yesterday.
Sir Peter Vardy is handing the keys to his Reg Vardy business over to rival Pendragon.
KING Arthur Pendragon led up to 21,000 people greeting the summer solstice at Stonehenge yesteday.