pencil pusher

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a clerk who does boring paperwork


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1% and Pencil Pusher are classic shout-along Funeral tracks, while Brother is a beautiful acoustic number.
With their trademark mix of raw screaming and sweet vocals, 1% and Pencil Pusher are classic shout-along Funeral tracks, while Brother is a beautiful acoustic number, perfectly mirroring the sweet sadness of old fan-favourite History.
Tell me how my birthright should be taken away because of some pencil pusher at a desk in Ottawa who has little understanding of the world because he has never lived outside his own country?" Wright asked.
About 26.3 percent of you said you'd love to own a business but didn't think you had the guts to follow through--pretty much destined to be a frustrated pencil pusher for the duration, are you?
Inept, bigoted pencil pusher Wikus Van De Merwe (Sharlto Copley) is put in charge of the relocation of District 9 because he's married to the boss's daughter.
From the highest official to the most lowly pencil pusher, you'd be forgiven for entertaining hopes of mass apologies, public flagellation, and people tripping over themselves to be the first to apologize, make amends, and do what they can to atone for their collective sins of indifference.
He's a pencil pusher. He's not a mechanic or an engineer."
The other feature race of the evening was the final of the Ted Fitzgerald YSC Southern Sprint and Pencil Pusher made the most of his opportunity to emerge triumphant.
CCH says it plans to fold the product and is offering Pencil Pusher's customers incentives to convert next year to ProSystem fx.
Perhaps what we call the "career pencil pusher" is tomorrow's star supervisor taking a break from unhealthy and consuming pressure and working new knowledge into the daily routine.
He went on to win by five lengths from Pencil Pusher in 28.55sec, an exact repeat of his semi-final success.
A I'VE only ever had one Cease & Desist order, from a short-sighted pencil pusher at Warner Music.
What they found wasn't exactly startling, though as Walbourne reported, it was and is "heartbreaking." Soldiers borrowing and couch-surfing while waiting months for their veterans benefits to start after their military pay is cut off upon discharge; homelessness, substance abuse, and suicide amongst those caught in a bureaucratic quagmire while pencil pushers at two different ministries sort through their filing cabinets; and endless empty promises to fix the problem, leaving the solution more "a concept, not a reality" after successive governments with a penchant for talk over action.
The animators at Disney weren't the only pencil pushers who faced unfair working conditions in the industry.
A sell-out crowd of 500 will watch the eight-bout card of 16 male and female fighters, who have been transformed from pencil pushers to pugilists after eight weeks of training.