pencil lead

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mixture of graphite with clay in different degrees of hardness

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The Sheaffer Sentinel ballpoint and propelling pencil is presented in an elegant brushed chrome finish with push button release for ballpoint and pencil lead advance.
Some children need a different pen or pencil because they need to be able to feel the pressure of the pencil lead against the paper.
With fiber optics, another emerging option, light is captured in a funnel unit, directing a beam into a fiber, optic thread the thickness of pencil lead.
The charity drive also extends to stationery and other everyday school items, including schoolbags, computer bags, pencils, color pens, pen refills, highlighters, pencil lead, pencil sharpeners, notebooks, erasers, reading books, toys and more.
A six-inch clump of hair the width of a pencil lead can show how much substance abuse has taken place over 12 months.
The "lab-on-a-chip" consists of a tough, glass-like container with 16 to 36 tiny printed dye spots, each the diameter of a pencil lead.
Different stacks don't stick together well, which is why pencil lead is soft.
In Absentia (Brothers Quay) In the twin animators' live-action, close-up study of a mad woman furiously scribbling letters to her dead husband, the forlornness of pencil lead is inscribed on our brains to the excruciating drones of Stockhausen.
Write stuff: Scientists have shown how pencil lead can be turned into a substance harder than diamond, it was revealed last night.
These ideas permeated the ICP exhibition of Muniz's own photographs of representational images that were made by hand - I'm tempted to say "from scratch" - out of dirt, sugar, wire, thread, cotton balls, plasticine, chocolate syrup, and yes, even pencil lead.
Tenders are invited for Clutch Pencil Lead Boxes H.