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Synonyms for penalty

Synonyms for penalty

something, such as loss, pain, or confinement, imposed for wrongdoing

a sum of money levied as punishment for an offense

a coercive measure intended to ensure compliance or conformity

Synonyms for penalty

a payment required for not fulfilling a contract

the disadvantage or painful consequences of an action or condition

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(games) a handicap or disadvantage that is imposed on a competitor (or a team) for an infraction of the rules of the game

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That's why there is a range of penalties because this range of penalties will be serving justice in different degrees,' he added.
3) Penalties of less than 1% were assessed to 1910 hospitals, and penalties of one hundredth of a percent were assessed to 49 hospitals.
Although intended to clarify what fines and penalties are non-deductible under Code section 162(f), the proposal goes much further, potentially denying a deduction for "other amounts" such as costs associated with safety recalls, food safety or health department directives, or recommendations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or the Environmental Protection Agency.
6707A, taxpayers who fail to disclose reportable transactions can be subject to penalties for nonlisted transactions of $10,000 for natural persons and $50,000 for all others (per occurrence), and for listed transactions of $100,000 for natural persons and $200,000 for all others (per occurrence).
The lack of an appeals process, harsh new penalties, indiscriminate assessments and information sharing are just some of the concerns CPAs need to be aware of as they advise their clients regarding tax amnesty.
Alternatively, a "protective" disclosure can be filed in order to avoid any penalties tied to non-disclosure of reportable transactions.
com), the nation's largest source of financing for home mortgages, Alabama, New Jersey, Texas, and Vermont have outlawed these penalties.
The Columbia University study found that 37 percent of overturned death penalties occurred because defendants did not receive proper defense counsel.
Pushed by an administrative judge's decision against its current penalty practices, Con Edison is trying to change the way it calculates penalties for dual-fuel customers.
No penalties were levied against the Cliff Dickman for Congress Committee, which received an illegal contribution of $23,825 in the form of a bank loan endorsed by three of Dickman's supporters.
ATLANTA -- Reduced payroll tax penalties are only one of the benefits for companies that outsource payroll processes or payroll tax filing, according to the 2006 Empagio Executive Study on Payroll and Tax Filing, a national survey of financial and human resources (HR) executives.
6011-4, which required all taxpayers to disclose certain transactions that fell into one of six broad categories, prescribed no penalties for failing to disclose a "reportable transaction"
6) While the California rules extensively borrow from and refer to the federal rules, they require separate disclosure, impose stiffer penalties, and provide for the identification of additional transactions.
Numerous tax authorities have followed the lead of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), enforcing the "arm's length standard" for transfer pricing by means of documentation requirements with penalties for noncompliance.