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In addition, we urge the FTA to recommend the adoption of a reasonable transition period for implementing EFT as well as an equitable approach toward penalizing noncompliance.
In addition to raising the flat fee and tripling the dam height charge, this new proposal adds a third charge within the dam safety fee, penalizing water storage.
A) - French senators appealed on Tuesday the law penalizing denial of the Armenian allegations on the Ottoman era incidents of 1915 adopted at the French Senate.
Penalizing people for conserving energy and reducing pollution is the kind of loopy scheme only a consultant could dream up.
The National Hot Rod Association changed its regulations to limit the fuel mix for Top Fuel and Funny Cars to 90 percent nitromethane, penalizing teams for dropping oil on the track surface and reduced the time in between elimination rounds from 90 to 75 minutes.
I appreciate (Hernandez's) frustration, but I don't believe in penalizing the kids because of Belmont.