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For instance, the CIAA filed a corruption case against members of the Tax Settlement Commission on the charge of bringing benefits to enterprises in dubious ways but the anti-graft body now lacks jurisdiction to penalise the private sector that benefited from the TSC's decisions", Pandey continued.
Nobody's getting a chance to sneak in off a nice weight if you go and penalise placed horses too.
Penalise managers who knowingly allow sexual harassment behaviour to continue.
The borough council is considering Dog Control Orders, to penalise people who fail to clear up their pets' mess and who allow their animals to be off the lead on all public footpaths, roads, grass verges and cemeteries within the borough.
What strikes me as being most inequitable about them is that they penalise hardest the guys who have the shortest working life span in racing and stop their earnings.
WEST Derby MP Bob Wareing is backing demands for a change in military rules which penalise the families of some soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan.
Small business leaders urged the Government to think again about the proposals, saying they would penalise employers for the Government's failures.
To penalise the lowest paid, however, is unfair and to target part-timers penalises women in particular.
To penalise these volunteers who use their tractors, and other vehicles containing red diesel, for the hours they spend voluntarily helping at the show, during a very busy time in the farming year, is petty beyond belief.
He said: "I am not going to penalise the holidaymaker and I am not going to penalise people who have got to travel for all sorts of reasons on domestic flights and I don't think the Conservative proposals are properly thought-out.
One in five of those who said they had been hit with penalties for withdrawing their cash said they planned to switch their account to one that did not penalise them for accessing their money.
He told the BBC: "Unless you penalise all big financial centres you're going to end up superpenalising London.
But I fear for Duncan this season because referees seem to set out their stall to penalise him for every challenge.
The next step will surely be to penalise those who allow themselves to grow old - and think what savings will stem from compulsory euthanasia at 70
THE proposed fare rises by Merseytravel will penalise the most vulnerable people who use their services.