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The penalisation of such acts, in a country where the independence and functioning of the judiciary is not in compliance with international standards, is aggravating the situation further.
The ongoing problem seems to be the penalisation system.
The bill provides penalisation of driving under the influence of drugs, and it also gives police the right to subject drivers to a narcotest in road accidents or in cases they suspect drivers are under the influence of drugs.
Defending his daughter, former IAS officer Uttam Khobragade on Saturday said she " did not violate any of the conduct rules" and suggested that there could be a " hidden agenda" behind her penalisation.
As a result farmers could potentially face dual penalisation if they are found to be in breach," NFU Cymru president Stephen James.
OECD sanctions against Moscow over "neo-Soviet" President Putin's policies in regard to Ukraine and Russia's eastern neighbours, however, have since the March 2014 affected Gazprom and the country's other petroleum companies as the penalisation has focused on the energy, financial and defence sectors.
Whilst some instances are noticed by referees and the attacking players are pulled up, many instances are going without any penalisation.
He Kabul to eliminate police and court penalisation of trafficking victims for offenses committed as a direct result of being trafficked.
Any penalisation will mean the farmer will get a 50 cent premium but not the additional 50 cent Woolworth premium.
SCDI chief executive Ross Martin, said: "We are calling for the Chancellor to end, at long last, the penalisation of Scotch whisky through duty rises, and take further steps to support this important sector.
PARIS, France, 14 janvier 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Quai d'Orsay - Declarations du porte-parole - mardi 14 janvier 2014 La France exprime sa forte preoccupation concernant la promulgation au Nigeria d'une loi renforcant la penalisation de l'homosexualite dans ce pays.
Tim Leicester, of the medical charity Medicins du Monde, added: "Client penalisation won't change anything for prostitutes.
New provisions in this legislation allow for penalisation of use of malware tools, such as botnets, and the illegal interception of information, as well as improving cross border cooperation between police and judicial systems.
The Marriage Foundation says: "It is indefensible that parents who are in committed, stable relationships should face significant penalties for staying together, to the extent that some pretend to be separated in order to avoid penalisation.
uk, has welcomed the news that search engine giant Google will begin to roll out ranking penalisation on badly performing merchant websites in late 2013.