penal institution

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an institution where persons are confined for punishment and to protect the public

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17 for possession of contraband in a penal institution and to threatening a public official.
imprisonment, is again evidence of numerous unsettled problems in the penal institutions, which should be resolved as soon as possible,
Transparency was established through a third-party Penal Institution Vision Committee and inmates rights and obligations and the authority of officers was clarified.
41) By the 1880s, the population was intended to include just about all persons in just about any stage of their journey through the criminal justice system, as long as they were being legally detained and had not already been sentenced to serve time in another penal institution.
A guard or other law enforcement officer is justified in the use of any force that [he] [she] reasonably believes to be necessary to prevent an escape from a penal institution of a person the officer reasonably believes is lawfully detained.
Plastic Waste Bins (1,000) for Penal Institution are sought by Safety Supply Co.
This is meant to be a penal institution not some casual doss house for those who can't control their urges.
This is a Category C penal institution which no doubt contains elderly lifers.
An "alien unlawful enemy combatant," once convicted, can then be sent abroad to be held in a penal institution of any U.
He's 12 years old and in the sixth grade, the First year of a three-year stretch at a middle school, that universally derided penal institution that serves no clear pedagogical function and has, in my experience, zero defenders among students, parents, and educators alike.
The third story, spoken in the voice of an older man, Jones, is a series of letters written by the warden of a penal institution to the mother of an executed convict, describing his final hours of life.
Currently living in a Tennessee penal institution, Caughom added that every time he stole something from someone, they always told the police and insurance company that they lost more than Caughom actually took.
The sentences run concurrently, so that with good conduct in the penal institution the fellows may get off with five years only.
The Matsumoto penal institution is among many in the country that are bursting at the seams.
Any income earned for services provided by an inmate in a penal institution is not "earned income" for the purposes of the EITC, according to IRC section 32(c)(2)(B)(iv).