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the legal code governing crimes and their punishment

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BEIRUT: Bsharri MPs Strida Geagea and Elie Keyrouz have proposed amending the penal code to make marital rape illegal and abolishing an article that allows rapists to escape punishment if they marry their victim.
Coleman said that, while the code mentions homosexuality as a "lifestyle," it also cites the Texas penal code section that declares homosexuality as a illegal behavior.
Accordingly, the law updates the provisions of article 61A of the penal code through incriminating people who establish, in a direct and indirect way, contacts with agents of a foreign power or a foreign organization with a view to inciting them to harm the vital interests of the Tunisian Republic and its economic security.
For example, the penal code has a provision that requests whether a minor had consented to a sex act.
After attaining its independence, Malaysia adopted the Indian Penal Code as the basis for its main criminal law from 31st March 1965.
Popova was appointed Justice Minister in the new Cabinet of Prime Minister Boiko Borissov and has already said that her policy priority will be amendments to the Penal Code and Penal Procedure Code to make life easier for prosecutors in EU funds fraud cases.
Syrian President al-Assad abolished Article 548 of the Penal Code in July 2009, which waived punishment for any man found to have murdered a woman family member because of illegitimate sex acts, as well as for a husband who murders his wife because of an extramarital affair.
Bolivia's current Penal Code includes these permissions; however, the law states that judicial authorization must be obtained before a woman consents to an abortion.
Penal codes prohibit women from appearing in public without the approved Islamic uniform known as the hejab, with violators subject to fines, beatings and, in the case of the 13 women of Mashad, even murder.
Toru Tomitani, 46, a resident of the city of Iizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture, was found guilty of dangerous driving, a crime established in the Penal Code in 2001 in response to public calls to tighten penalties for reckless driving.
The relevant Napoleonic law, the Penal Code of 1810, merely imitated the code of 1791, making no mention of sodomy.
Though Fiji's penal code states that sex between men is illegal, carrying a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison, the country's constitution states that sexual orientation is not grounds for discrimination.
The entry into force of Turkey's new penal code was welcomed by the European Commission on June 1.
The country's new Penal Code strengthens women's equal protection under the laws, replacing definitions based on patriarchal concepts such as chastity, honor, shame, and indecent behavior with definitions based on global human rights norms.
Parliament tentatively approved all but two articles of the penal code in a special session this month, before the package was shelved.