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a person you come to know by frequent friendly correspondence

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My only consolation is that when I was growing up, everyone had a pen pal.
14, 2002, that stated all of Manson's belongings - including image rights and clothing - was left to the pen pal, as well as his "exclusive music catalog.
We created Pen Pals because we believe every human has that inherent curiosity to explore and connect through other people's life experiences," says Co-Founder I.
Include a SASE to receive the names and addresses of pen pals.
Generally, though, inmates reach out to the site via mail, asking to put a pen pal request online and the content is mailed in, said Hogenboom, who lives in the Netherlands.
Luckily, NMG online members can send pen pal messages by clicking on the "Message" button to email another member right on our safe online community.
Michael had dozens of pen pals that he kept up with, including some anti-death penalty activists from as far away as Italy.
Recently, in cleaning out memorabilia, I found an answer from my pen pal which I have saved these many years.
Each time, Kate's pen pals have responded to her, sometimes unaware of her age.
Above, Ann Huhtala from Whitchurch, Cardiff, pictured with husband Len, has been a pen pal to American Mary-Anne Daboul, left, for 67 years.
5 The most important thing is to follow our rules on being a safe pen pal.
To make contact with a pen pal listed below, send us a Letter to them and welt pass it on.
Such partnerships range in duration and focus, and include family literacy programs, grants and research-based projects, afterschool clubs, resource sharing, storybook workshops, student support groups, teacher training, and even pen pal programs.
My pen pal told me that she never gets to see her granddaughter, and that I'm just like her.
The book concludes with pen pal tips and activities.