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using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

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HE4 can be a useful marker in situations where pelvic ultrasonography is performed by less experienced sonographers as in a primary care setting to triage further women presenting with adnexal lesions.
An abdominal ultrasound reveals a normal appendix, and pelvic ultrasonography reveals that the right ovary is enlarged (volume = 25 mL).
To increase the discriminative power many studies have stressed the usefulness of the combination of serum CA125 levels with menopausal status and pelvic ultrasonography.
Pelvic ultrasonography showed two widely divergent uterine horns with two cervical canals (Fig.
Pelvic ultrasonography has traditionally been performed using a transabdominal approach.
Rest 36 cases misdiagnosed clinically were-12 cases of complete abortion, 4 cases of incomplete abortion, 1 case of inevitable abortion, 11 cases of missed abortion and 7 cases were blighted ovum, and 1 Vesicular mole diagnosed on pelvic ultrasonography.
Pelvic ultrasonography remains the preferred imaging method to evaluate most adnexal cysts, given its ability to accurately characterize their various aspects:
All of them were referred cases from peripheral centers and none had any pelvic Ultrasonography before or during pregnancy.
If your patient reports pain and bleeding, start basing your diagnosis on history, physical exam, pelvic ultrasonography, and serial hCG measurement
Pelvic ultrasonography revealed a right adnexal mass with empty uterine cavity, thickened endometrium and free fluid in pouch of Douglas.
Beginning at age 35 years, or 10 years before the earliest age of onset of ovarian cancer in the family, perform annual pelvic examinations and alternate CA-125 measurement and pelvic ultrasonography every 6 months.