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in a clear and lucid manner

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The style is sometimes turgid ("This format, pellucidly reflected in this work, is the pearlescent construction of the book .
It is pellucidly clear from the text of [section] 1101(a)(42) that Congress did not define nor intend to define 'persecution' to exclude harms 'not personally' suffered by an applicant.
A wealth of literature and anecdotal evidence makes pellucidly clear the dearth of resources and everyday burdens under which public defenders' offices operate.
Walker continues her metaphorical imaging of interpersonal relationships in mysterious yet pellucidly fresh prose.
that the 1951 Treaty does not of its own force deprive the courts of the United States of jurisdiction over [the plaintiffs'] claims, it is pellucidly clear [that] the Allied Powers intended that all war-related claims against Japan be resolved through government-to-government negotiations rather than through private tort suits.
Everything within the selfish, solipsistic family changes when a letter from their son Bob arrives, which spells out pellucidly the agenda of the play and of the Treasury Department:
These comments are not exactly pellucidly clear, but they are particularly well suited to Balfour's apparent anxiety about being grouped with those who have offered "a well-defined concept of the prophet that is often unnecessarily reductive" (5).