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a disease caused by deficiency of niacin or tryptophan (or by a defect in the metabolic conversion of tryptophan to niacin)

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Pellagra psychosis due to niacin deficiency was hidden under the schizophrenia umbrella.
They were intended to reflect the best scientific judgment on nutrient allowances for the maintenance of good health and to serve as the basis for evaluating the adequacy of diets and preventing diseases linked to nutritional deficiencies, such as rickets, scurvy, beriberi, pellagra, and goiter.
For example, prisoners with severe malnutrition such as pellagra were category 2 if the illness appeared "significant but curable.
Advanced pellagra is also accompanied by a dementia or depressive psychosis, and there may be diarrhoea (Bender, 2003).
Besides poverty and illiteracy, scourges including pellagra, rickets, hookworm, yellow fever, and malaria meant that "conditions in the state were so bad that Northern life insurance companies refused to write policies for Mississippians" (246).
In the past, this hypothesis has been highly useful when applied to the task of reducing human illness, an example of its usefulness is the identification of the nutritional deficit that causes the previously common disease pellagra.
A Plague of Corn: The Social History of Pellagra (Ithaca NY: Cornell University Press).
When not fermented, soy contains an antitrypsin factor than blocks the absorption of protein, rendering the bean indigestible; unless the corn is cooked with an alkali like lime its niacin is unavailable, leading to the nutritional deficiency called pellagra.
0% in pregnant Nonspecific women [8] (fatigue, eye changes, dermatitis, brain dysfunction, impaired iron absorption) Vitamin B3 * Limited information Pellagra (dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia, death) Vitamin B6 * 43.
Asylum Doctor: James Woods Babcock and the Red Plague of Pellagra
Pellagra was a mystery disease that seemed to come out of nowhere.
Benign symmetrical lipomatosis and pellagra associated with alcoholism.
So now, as far as I knew" Dickey writes in the collection of essays Night Hurdling (1983), "South Carolina was soybeans, illiteracy, and maybe even pellagra and hookworm, and my chief mental image of it was of a dilapidated outhouse and a rusty '34 Ford with a number 13 painted on it, both covered by kudzu.