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Synonyms for pell-mell

Synonyms for pell-mell

with undue hurry and confusion

Related Words

in a wild or reckless manner


References in classic literature ?
All had then been lost and no help for it, and the Achaeans would have fled pell-mell to their ships, had not Ulysses cried out to Diomed, "Son of Tydeus, what has happened to us that we thus forget our prowess?
Then Cebriones seeing the Trojans in confusion said to Hector from his place beside him, "Hector, here are we two fighting on the extreme wing of the battle, while the other Trojans are in pell-mell rout, they and their horses.
As it swept on with its cloud of frost, bearing down the dry twigs and boughs and withered leaves, and carrying them away pell-mell, it seemed as though some general sympathy had got abroad, and everything was in a hurry, like themselves.
To be sure, the hall was so narrow it was fortunate that they had no piano, for one never could have been got in whole, the dining room was so small that six people were a tight fit, and the kitchen stairs seemed built for the express purpose of precipitating both servants and china pell-mell into the coalbin.
More such pell-mell construction is underway, including 19 planned reclamation projects in Manila Bay.
But we are not rushing pell-mell into this because Senate President Sotto realized the jabberwocky his initiative stirred.
Good grief, Charlie B: We're heading pell-mell toward the last quarter of 2018 and, just maybe, toward the day you hand the keys to your successor.
Noting the pell-mell location of casinos scattered all over the islands, we borrow the 'Location x3' title of the Channel 4 property program first aired in the United Kingdom in 2000.
Exhibit A is China, which after decades of pell-mell growth is now the world's second-biggest economy as measured by GDP, awarding it the kind of international prestige and influence that it has not enjoyed for centuries.
There's pell-mell attack (Head Like A Haunted House), spacey anthems (Hideaway) and even disco synths (Feet Don't Fail Me), but it's a record easier to admire than fall in love with.
There's pell-mell, willy-nilly, pitter-patter, wishy-washy, happy-chappie (which I suspect is an Aussie-invention) and heebie-jeebies (which is American) to name a few.
Guido, I wish that by some magic spell the three of us could sail off, Lapo, you, and I, and no dark waters would lap our craft, no crisscross winds would blow pell-mell, and we three friends--Guido, Lapo, Dante-- would forge from our goodwill an immunity to unhappiness, a small community-- I, Lapo, and you--bounding where we want to.
This gas, however, quickly decelerates and its motion becomes more chaotic, eventually changing trajectory and aligning itself with the rotation of the galaxy rather than continuing its pell-mell rush toward the center.
Worn smooth by linguistic experiments, his pebble of a language expresses a pell-mell of perceptions jotted down in a nonlinear, anecdotal way.
The stage itself is a pell-mell collection of ladders, ropes and a suspended hoop that - thanks to the skill of the cast of eight - effortlessly conjures up everything from a circus big-top to an oppressive Victorian institution, and from the grisly "penny dreadful" streets of London to the idyllic ancient woodlands of England.