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Of course, pelagic birds do not spend their whole lives on the wing.
The albatrosses (Diomedea, Phoebetria) are the most magnificent of all pelagic birds.
The order of Pelecaniformes includes some highly conspicuous pelagic birds.
Others operate boats that carry as few as 36 passengers and cater to single-minded travelers (if it's been your dream to spend a week studying the nesting habits of pelagic birds, chances are there's a cruise out there for you).
Dawn is the best time to start looking, as once the pelagic birds see they're within sight of land, they tend to fly far back out to sea.
They're highly pelagic birds, meaning they spend most of their lives at sea, except to breed.
Shearwater Journeys (408/688-1990) has offered day-long cruises with an emphasis on pelagic birds for 20 years.
Bernice, petite but deceptively tough, briefly swam in the 34-degree, iceberg-riddled water, rich with orcas, seals, penguins, albatrosses and other pelagic birds.
Before any trip where motion sickness might be a problem--such as boat trips to view pelagic birds (see page 52)--get a good night's sleep and eat only light, non-greasy foods.
From August into February, you can observe pelagic birds on special charter-boat day trips with naturalist guides.
A few launch ports open to deep submarine canyons and banks (see map), bringing food fish and pelagic birds close enough to shore that you needn't sail too far out to see them.
BOW will next hold a Sea Bird and Whale Watch out of Gloucester on May 9 to observe petrels, shearwaters and other unusual pelagic birds not normally seen from shore, as well as humpback, fin and minke whales, with Atlantic white-sided dolphins and some possible marine rarities.