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a loose dressing gown for women

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The tea gown developed from the peignoir or dressing gown and was worn during 5 o'clock tea.
And, when the knocks at the door, the shouting started up again, she lurched forward, her peignoir ill-fastened, her head in disarray, her feet without slippers, crying viciously: 'Yes
The Mad Men actress wears a sparkly white Wonderbra-type plunge bra, skirt and fur-trimmed peignoir.
Envoyees par des correspondants choisis dans les annonces d'un magazine feminin largement repandu, a l'epoque, dans les harems; l'abonnement permettait de recevoir, avec chaque numero, un patron de robe ou de peignoir dont se servaient meme les analphabetes.
Despite two references to her sandy brown hair and a steamy description of her assets in a peignoir she had the foresight to pack for her new assignment our heroine is a two-dimensional stock character.
About your level of couth, even if you can recite the first lines of Stevens's "Sunday Morning" by heart, saying Kimplaysunzees udda pinwah, an late/Cawfee n'arnjewz irma sunny cheahr instead of "Complacencies of the peignoir, and late/Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair.
I remember when the very radical editor of a West Coast women's paper and her lover showed up a day early at my apartment in Toronto, my panic at trying to hide my bubble bath and makeup, get rid of the lacy peignoir set hanging behind my bedroom door.
À la fin de la nuit, un bungalow,/ un peignoir et un abat-jour/ pour que nous fassions l'amour/ toujours l'amour (5)
In Peignoir in a Light Breeze (1936), a hidden thread holds the gossamer gown in midair, and Munkacsi's nudes are subtle studies of shadow and light.
Manet's Woman with a Parrot depicts the model Victorine Meurent dressed luxuriously in a loose pink peignoir, sniffing a bouquet of violets with a slightly coquettish but also somehow absent half-smile on her face.
Sunday Morning" begins with a woman alone on a Sunday morning, lounging in her peignoir, drinking coffee and eating oranges, while she "dreams a little" and begins to think of that "old catastrophe" in "silent Palestine / Dominion of the blood and sepulcher.
S'elle pouvoit soustraistre au souci mesnager Une heure ou deus du jour, elle s'alloit renger A lire l'Escriture, oU l'ame du fidele Trouve pour se repaistre une manne eternelle Ou quelque-fois encor avec un subtil doit Et d'un fil delie naifvement tiroit Sur un riche peignoir, sur une belle pente, Ou sur un couvre-chef, quelque histoire excellente.
Pontellier's eyes that the damp sleeve of her peignoir no longer served to dry them.
He gives the monocle the status of a fetish object covering castration anxiety, given its emblematic role as the presence of the male, its position over the womb of the model, its emptiness, and its position over the pink peignoir, the article of clothing that thwarts the nudity that Victorine as Olympia so brazenly displayed in the Salon of 1865.
Greek tunic, oriental robes, or peignoir, she virtually seduced the