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a board perforated with regularly spaced holes into which pegs can be fitted

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Abbreviations: DHI = Duruoz Hand Index, PGT = grooved pegboard test, SD = standard deviation, T3 = tri-iodothyronine, T4 = thyroxine, TSH = thyroid stimulating hormone.
Pain was evaluated by the visual analog scale (VAS), severity of paresthesia by the Liken scale, symptom severity and functional capacity by the Boston Questionnaire: Symptom Severity Scale and Functional Capacity Scale, grip strength by Jamar hand dynamometer, lateral and pulp finger strength by pinchmeter, and finger dexterity by the Grooved Pegboard test.
As far as I'm concerned, they're not in business--you can't sell pegboard.
ofc/showrm w/display storage cabinets, workbench areas, pegboard, clothes rods & lighting.
The pegboard consisted of a flat piece of wood with three rows of holes.
The Tyneside Pegboard Test, Dr Anna Basu, academic clinical lecturer, Professor Janet Eyre, professor of paediatric neuroscience and honorary consultant paediatric neurologist, Mrs Janice Pearse, research occupational therapist, Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University, Dr Mary Gibson, emeritus consultant in paediatric neurodisability, Dr Mary Gibson, emeritus consultant in paediatric neurodisability, Mr Jim Clark, technician and Mr Sean Kelly, retired computer engineer, The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
Objective function using the Grooved Pegboard Test revealed minor improvements in both groups with no significant difference between them.
6 TOOL TIME "Girly macho" is how Marc Duncan refers to Warren's graphic and playful juxtaposition of rusted vintage tools mounted on pink pegboard in her garage turned workshop.
pulling back over a pegboard of muddy clam holes, I obliterate the
It consists of three identical rooms, each furnished with a table and chairs, where you can sit and listen to a recorded narrative which is shared between the three rooms, sound leaking between them through pegboard walls.
A pegboard above a workbench holds tools; outline each tool in position so anyone using it knows exactly where to return it.
Well, someone was thinking and came up with a clever way to store handguns inside of a safe by attaching pegboard to the interior surface and attaching a mounting bracket to the pegboard.
Big Momma immediately endears herself to Tom's obsessive, control freak wife Leah (Emily Procter), who has a colour-coded pegboard, mapping out her three children's routines for each day of the week.
Grooved Pegboard Test: Putting pegs into small, angled holes as quickly as possible.
Additional assessments included Timed Get Up and Go (Podsiadlo & Richardson, 1991), Perdue Pegboard (Tiffin & Asher, 1948), the Berg Balance Scale (Cole, Finch, Gowland, & Nayo, 1994), and the Functional Status Questionnaire (Jette et al.