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a board perforated with regularly spaced holes into which pegs can be fitted

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For example, a therapist could establish the objective to independently complete a tactile-input and tactile-output 17-peg display with 100% accuracy on the Tactile Kinesthetic Pegboard to address the long-term goal in tactile kinesthetic and motor perception skills.
We removed paint from the cabinets, the drawers and doors (which had been stored upstairs for more than 40 years) were repaired and reinstalled, lighting was changed back to the old-style hanging globes, pegboard was thrown in the dumpster, and center showcases were brought back into use.
Props have included a 5,000-pound, 16-foot rotating aluminum wheel (Humachina); a 17-foot-long rocking boat (Trajectoire); and a large vertical pegboard resembling an oversized S&M device (D2R).
Pain was evaluated by the visual analog scale (VAS), severity of paresthesia by the Liken scale, symptom severity and functional capacity by the Boston Questionnaire: Symptom Severity Scale and Functional Capacity Scale, grip strength by Jamar hand dynamometer, lateral and pulp finger strength by pinchmeter, and finger dexterity by the Grooved Pegboard test.
ofc/showrm w/display storage cabinets, workbench areas, pegboard, clothes rods & lighting.
The fingers were isolated through use of a simple pegboard.
Create an efficient storage and work space for hand tools using an Interlocking Pegboard System ($7.
The SlatWall serves as a slat wall, pegboard and bin rail.
The SlatWall slides easily between workstation UpRights, and accommodates standard pegboard and slat wall hooks and hanging storage bins.
pulling back over a pegboard of muddy clam holes, I obliterate the
When the pegboard is stripped, it will leave little dimples on the back of the wall.
Well, someone was thinking and came up with a clever way to store handguns inside of a safe by attaching pegboard to the interior surface and attaching a mounting bracket to the pegboard.
Big Momma immediately endears herself to Tom's obsessive, control freak wife Leah (Emily Procter), who has a colour-coded pegboard, mapping out her three children's routines for each day of the week.
Each machine had a wooden pegboard on which was painted the outline of each individual tool.
Units can be arranged for multiple facings and families of products, and they shelf-mount via front rail and pushpins or wall-mount via Quick Back pegboard back plates.