peg top

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a pear-shaped top made of wood with a metal center pin

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A two-hour visit to the Toy Museum, across the Bosphorus on the Asian side of Istanbul, does not include the US$8 entrance fee but does include a topac, a complimentary Ottoman-style peg top, for the kids.
The peg top is spun by winding a string around the top and throwing the top to make it spin.
And the wage gap, initially fairly modest-a maximum ratio of 3:1 between the highest and lowest paid workers-was subsequently widened to 6:1 and later modified to peg top managerial salaries to market rates (70 percent of the average in comparable positions).
Children will be welcomed with delight and are requested to bring hoopsticks and hawkeyes to bang the carved rosewood furniture especially provided for the purpose, and peg tops to spin on the velvet carpets; they will be allowed to bang on the piano at all hours, yell in the halls, slide down the banisters, fail down stairs, carry away dessert enough for a small family in their pockets at dinner, and make themselves as disagreeable as the fondest mother can desire.