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a prosthesis that replaces a missing leg

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Peg Leg Chuck in point of fact does not have a peg leg; that writes Dalton "was just a joke.
One of the people was named Peg Leg Joe; he would come to the plantations and pretend to be a carpenter, but he would sing about following the drinking gourd.
We are as perplexed before this pile of obdurate meanings as Melville's Ahab, who stood on his Oedipal peg leg and addressed the white whale as a Sphinx.
Mickey Mouse Wayne Allwine Donald Duck Tony Anselmo Goofy Bill Farmer Minnie Mouse Russi Taylor Daisy Duck Tress MacNeille Peg Leg Pete Jim Cummings Clarabelle Cow April Winchell Beagle Boys Jeff Bennett, Maurice LaMarche Troubadour Rob Paulsen
The seaman notices the pirate's peg leg, hook and an eye patch.
One looks in pretty good shape but the other has a wooden peg leg, a hook for a hand and an eye patch.
Finally, a haggard seafarer, perhaps the ghost of the boy, his avenging father, or maybe the boy-as-man, stands on a peg leg beside three decapitated canines.
Associated Press--The Portland Pirates and Casco Bay Brewing have received permission to continue selling "Salty Pete's Peg Leg Ale" a week after the state ordered the beer pulled from store shelves.
And it's funny, too, with Vincent Franklin as Silver hobbling around on a peg leg with a crutch giving a marvellous performance in what must be one of the least comfortable parts in any Christmas show anywhere.
According to legend, Peg Leg John, a New Jersey farmer, was packing cranberries in his barn.
The song was taught to slaves by an itinerant carpenter named Peg Leg Joe.
Their lives are turned upside down when Peg Leg Pete, captain of the Musketeers, and his sinister lieutenant Clarabelle use them in a dastardly plot to rid the kingdom of Princess Minnie -- the only mouse standing in Pete's way of the throne.
com/Events/Pirate2016) suggested by Krispy Kreme include an eye patch, bandana, peg leg, parrot or costume hook.
Quentin wore his eye patch and peg leg with pride, said "Ahoy Matey," and "Batten down the hatches," but he could not manage "Arrrr," because Quentin could not say the letter R.
Bellowhead delivered rip-roaring sets of timbre-laden shanties, with more amusing anecdotes than you could shake a peg leg at.