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large crested Old World plover having wattles and spurs

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What Paul experienced the time "when the peewits had called" as "the highest point of bliss" could be understood as the manifestation in his consciousness of the will of the species to survive that, for Hall, drives the adolescents sexual development.
Known for their distinctive 'peewit' call, the lapwing is recognisable by their long crest and black and white pattern.
With Clara's failure to reach the same heights of "passion" as when the peewits called, the "marvelous glamour" of the biocentric gives way to a "mechanical repetition," the inevitable automatism that attends all ritual acts.
With something of the same expansive intensity as Paul and Clara's love making on the night the peewits called, their cosmic love making at night in Sherwood Forest incorporates those nonhuman energies--their inheritance of a universe of dark reality"--they are later afraid to recall (320).
Every year the fair would arrive on the tide fields in Splott before the erection of the sea wall, sky larks and peewits were common in those days, no longer heard or seen today.
Rare birds such as peewits and tree sparrows could become extinct in the West Midlands unless the Government takes action, wildlife campaigners have warned.
155), and when one can see the "bright ecstasy" in the eyes of a nesting thrush, because of the "rounded caress of the eggs against her breast!" Yet the cry of the peewits, birds of augury, sounds like despair, echoed by the grief of the coffin-bearers, who will remember all their lives the "smell of new, warm elm-wood" (p.
Alex Fergusson, a South of Scotland MSP, claims skylarks, curlews and peewits are also being killed.
This denies curlews, oystercatchers, peewits and indeed skylarks among others, the opportunity to nest and even if they do, disaster almost inevitably follows soon after.
Many farms include the heather moorland and grassland mix that is so vital a habitat for birds like lapwings, also known as peewits, who like wet, rushy grassland to find food and raise their young, and the national park's emblem bird, the curlew, which feeds on grassland and moorland and nests in the heather.
'I used to see red shank and peewits in my youth and now you don't see them at all.
When we first moved to Breamish Parks, the curlews came every spring as did the peewits and the oyster catchers, but then the goshawks came and that was thata
I could watch the amazing aerobatics of the peewits and the larks in their jerky ascent.