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large crested Old World plover having wattles and spurs

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Perhaps a peewit sits on a branch and squawks there too, the meaning
Set in the Middle Ages, The Smurfs and the Magic Flute follows two young human friends, the noble Johan and the more diminutive yet energetic Peewit, who become embroiled in the search to retrieve a stolen magic flute before its power can spread suffering.
20) Embracing the multiplicities of the other-than-human that constitutes the space of the animate world, a vast cosmic continuum takes in "the manifold grass stems, the cry of the peewit, the wheel of the stars.
5% stop 2534: birds swimming birds goose swan pelican duck penguin cormorant wading birds flamingo sand piper curlew ibis heron peewit flightless birds ostrich rhea emu cassowary kiwi dodo fowl-like birds chicken guinea fowl partridge gobbler pheasant turkey hen doves turtle dove wild dove field dove ring dove culver crown dove climbing birds woodpecker green woodpecker macaw cuckoo parrot cockatoo passerine birds sparrow kingfisher swallow lark blackbird raven birds of prey eagle condor falcon vulture buzzard owl stop end of protocol no.
The Smurfs were first shown in October 1958 in a story of Johan and Peewit in French magazine Le Journal de Spirou.
I joined the troop from Paddock Cubs in 1936 and was put in Peewit Patrol," he said.
Only the other day I told my gallops man, Reg Peewit, that it was a disgrace that the Tories were trying to get rid of their leader as, down here, we all think John Major is doing a fine job.
In Australia, a colloquial name for the magpie-lark is peewit.
An old country name for the lapwing is peewit - derived from their call.
The lapwing, or peewit, is on the brink of disaster with the number of breeding birds in the Midlands falling by a devastating 55 per cent in the past decade.
Strange (a late echo of the Aesthetic Movement's fascination for Japonaiserie), on Byzantine art by Robert Weir Schultz (a much neglected aspect of history, which Weir Schultz summarised in Lethabean style), and there were rather fay features like 'Reminiscences of a Lincolnshire Stream' complete with photographs of rabbits and a young peewit (charming as this was, it can scarcely have made much contribution to architectural debate).
From 11am-3pm tomorrow, Redcar writer, performer and storyteller Carmel Thompson will be talking about the adventures of Billy Peewit and the Lost Whale.
What bird is known as the peewit because of its cry?
Conditional Jason Maguire was seen to good effect on Peewit Bridge, who forged clear in the first leg of the two-and-a-half-mile handicap chase to give trainer Steve Brookshaw a second winner this month.
Breeding numbers of lapwings, also known as the peewit due to its distinctive call, have increased, thanks to successful management at the RSPB Malltraeth Marsh reserve on Anglesey in North Wales.