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Synonyms for peewee

Synonyms for peewee

disparaging terms for small people

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Barely five-foot six, and "kinda scrawny," he ended up in the "Peewee Platoon," reserved for the shortest men in his company.
PEEWEE GIRLS - Chelsea Lein 68, Chalene Parmelee 30, Makenzie Scott 21.
It reads: "Beaver Valley's Master Lawn Barber." The campgrounds is minutes from The National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, and Juli invites all of Peewee's old barbershop friends to stop by.
A JOINT police and community operation to curb the menace of peewee bikes in Coventry is in line for a national award.
The peewee problem escalated in Wood End and Bell Green, which historically had suffered from youths recklessly riding off-road motorcycles, and spilled over into Longford Park.
The peewee bikes can also be ridden on the pavement without fear of prosecution.
"These peewees have been seized from inconsiderate and dangerous hooligans.
A HAUL of peewee bikes seized by police in Coventry have been reduced to scrap metal by a city MP.
Many peewee bikes - often stolen from houses where they were used legitimately by children in large gardens - have been increasingly used by families.
A FLEET of police motor cycles has made a speedy impact on reckless peewee bikers in Coventry.
And city police say the threat posed by the bikes has forced other peewee bikers to go to ground.
A crack squad of police motor cyclists has concentrated on the Wood End and Manor Farm areas where problems caused by peewee and off-road bikers have been particularly bad.
Police motor cyclist PC Ferris Hatheson said: "We have deployed the bikes on several occasions on routine patrol and as a result we have recovered five bikes, two of which are peewee bikes.