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in a peevish manner

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The morning was fresh and cool; I threw back the lattice, and presently the room filled with sweet scents from the garden; but Catherine called peevishly to me, 'Ellen, shut the window.
Rout, bending an attentive ear, muttered peevishly something under his breath.
I have nothing to do with our stay at Aldborough," he broke out, peevishly.
Well, friend,'' said the Abbot, peevishly, ``thou art ill to please with thy woodcraft.
Rather peevishly she bade Max be quiet, walked slowly to cool herself, and put up her sunshade to avert freckles.
We spent the first hour and a half of the evening listening peevishly to the BMW's navigational system beep whenever someone got too close to the car, which was nearly all the time in the Makati central business district traffic.
When officers of conscience pointed out in a telegram to the Prime Minister the scale of the tragedy caused by his decisions, Churchill's only response was to ask peevishly "why hasn't Gandhi died yet?
Sanctions were already an overused tool of foreign policy before President Trump last week peevishly signed into law a measure imposing new penalties on Russia, Iran and North Korea.
From a coltish Zareen in 'Mar Jain Bhi To Kya' to a peevishly erratic Jojo in 'Zard Mausam,' Anum's talent speaks of her ability as a versatile performer.
the porch with a sigh, chin propped peevishly on her front paws.
The Analytical Review, peevishly, merely suggested that Mr.
However, the nation of New Zealand had been acting peevishly even before the tournament began.
Somewhat peevishly, she complains, "Awake or asleep, there is no escape, still this rushing around you and through you" (71).
He complains about the composer's alleged "envy" and states peevishly that "frankly, I did not like either him or his music.
Then if to make your ruin more You'll peevishly be coy Die with the scandal of a whore And never know the joy.