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Synonyms for peeve

Words related to peeve

an annoyed or irritated mood

cause to be annoyed, irritated, or resentful

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The conductor points to one person to start ranting about their Pet Peeve. She'll rant for about 15 seconds.
Every weekday during the campaign, TransLink's Facebook fans voted on which pet peeve they thought was the bigger faux pas.
When I sit at the workstation to start reading, I encounter my next classic peeves. There is food, either crumbs or sticky liquid of some kind, in the keyboard, and there are fingerprints all over the monitors.
Several of these customers attended my training recently and a round-table discussion turned to their pet peeves with gun shops.
Her pet peeve? I don't like too many crisscrosses on my back.
For example, my pet peeve involves WorldCom Inc., which didn't follow basic accounting rules.
He called the issue his "pet peeve," adding that separating the materials is a primary function of scrap processors.
WORD SEARCH Finally, of somewhat less magnitude but still a valid pet peeve, is the practice of offering students extra credit for busy work.
And of the 225 women for whom facial hair is a pet beauty peeve, 36% said it makes them unattractive.
Whatever the reason, most people have well-defined linguistic pet peeves. Occasionally, to be sure, the person with the peeve is wrong - as is the case with the supposed "errors" of the split infinitive, ending sentences with prepositions, using couple or none as plural nouns, or beginning sentences with and or but.
"As long as it works, we aren't supposed to worry about what it costs or what's inside." And many of the consumers who wrote to us from the Family Circle article started off their request with irritation about shrinking package sizes: "My pet peeve is the mystery of the shrinking cans (15 to 141/2 oz.) and the inane excuses from their producers."
peeve: Reeves John Wick recognises its strength and plays to them.
"Peeve My Parents' Pet" is a funny story about a boy who seeks the mysterious pet named Peeve that both his parents constantly refer to.
A survey revealed that their biggest pet peeve has something to do with cleavage.
Not covering your mouth while coughing is the biggest cold peeve followed by people who wander round with a runny nose.