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Despite the fact that we live in a country where three MPs and a peer of the realm are charged under the Theft Act and yet keep their seats.
In Chris's homily, she emphasised Lord Savile's dedication and fine example of Christian living as well as his deep commitment to being a peer of the realm.
Along with the late-John Lennon, the 66-year-old former Beatle and peer of the realm wrote most of the band's songs in the 1960s.
Wendy Alexander, right, is favourite to succeed him; LORDING IT: McConnell is set to be made a peer of the realm
Two weeks after the 60ish peer of the realm has died, his rotting corpse is found in a hansom cab.
He too has left his native Canada to become a peer of the realm, Lord Black, in England.
As far back as 1820 a Report was produced on the Dignity of a Peer of the Realm, considering among other things the position of the Bishops.
To screenwriter Remi Waterhouse, the road to royal recognition or ruin was paved by one's ability to make clever, withering comments, usually at the expense of a less-swift peer of the realm.
And now the Director of Public Prosecutions assures us she also is not part of the establishment when asked about her decision not to prosecute a peer of the realm for child sexual abuse - a former MP who, one assumes, also couldn't confirm any establishment ties (and sadly not much else besides).
This reduced my travelling companion and fellow North East MEP Jude Kirton-Darling to much suppressed laughter as it dawned on us that he thought I was Lord Jonathan Hill, Tory peer of the realm and former Leader of the House of Lords, and none other than Cameron's commission nominee from the UK
Seb's route to achieving things was different to mine - his background was in indoor racing, mine was in cross-country, he became a peer of the realm while I ended up living in Australia, and you can't live another man's life.
Instead, the peer of the realm chose another option: he consulted a route planner and relied upon his own judgment of what it told him.
A peer of the realm was sharing a bottle of wine with a guest as I breezed in for a memorable Vesper Martini.
A peer of the realm accused by his ex-wife of casting a spell on her pet dog.
As befits a peer of the realm who owns reassuring amounts of Gloucestershire, milord Vestey was kitted out in the sort of slightly loud tweed suit of which Bertie Wooster would have approved after too many cocktails at the Drones Club.