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fig tree of India noted for great size and longevity

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Peepul Capital invested Rs 100 crore in Gurgaon-based e-commerce logistics company ECOM Express this year.
Underneath the peepul tree, where all day the bats hang upside down, the Sisters told me I was born of love, a love polar and incongruous.
Indeed, in Mr Maxton's own heartland of Brigton you often hear the cry "We arra peepul.
Their purpose for subjugating jungle and forest giants, such as the Banyan, the Peepul, the Tamarind and the Neem, to pots was not for decorative art but for the Hindu science of healing the sick.
Women circumambulate the peepul tree hoping for a son.
The varieties of felled trees include eucalyptus, neem, peepul, pilkhan, bargad and jamun, some of them fully grown.
ECOM Express raised over Rs 100 crore from private equity firm Peepul Capital in September 2014.
Prabhakara Rao, chairman of Nuzveedu Seeds Ltd, and Chintalapati Srinivasa Raju, chairman of Peepul Capital.
Besides, he said centuries old trees of different species including Date Palm, Kau, Phulai, Banyan, Mango and Peepul would also be protected under the same project.
Ltd, a medical technology firm from Chennai dedicated on the diagnostic imaging field, has disclosed in a media release that the company has secured $6 million investments from current investor Peepul Capital, an India-centric Private Equity firm.
K-2 - And tell me all taap peepul in BJP divided on yevery issue or not?
Coconut, coffee, black pepper, turmeric, cardamom, tamarind, brinjal, onion, garlic, neem, vacha, tulasi, pippali, arrowroot, peepul, banyan, indigo, vinca, cinnamon, kokum, curry leaves, chillies, nutmeg, coriander, black jeera, mango, lemon, guava, tomato, potato, pudina, arecanut, are some of the items included in the list.
Peepul Capital LLC, an India-centric private equity (PE) firm, has spent $6 million in Cura Healthcare Pvt.
5 million from Peepul Capital and Surya Child Care raised $9 million from OrbiMed.
There is a five-decade old Ganesha temple under a large stunning peepul tree at the doorway of 23-acre Purva Amaiti, blending the country s spiritual heritage with a modern way of life.