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Synonyms for peepshow

an exhibition of pictures or objects viewed through a small hole or magnifying glass

a short pornographic film shown in a small coin-operated booth

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The entertainment options include Blue Man Group, The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil, and Holly Madison in Peepshow.
Choose one of the following: Absinthe, Blue Man Group, Brad Garrett's Comedy Club, Country Superstars Tribute, Gordie Brown, Jersey Boys, PeepShow and Phantom of the Opera.
The best manifestation of this latter trick is the peepshow, popular in the Netherlands at the time and known to us through the example of 1655-60 in the National Gallery, London, by Samuel van Hoogstraten (1627-78).
The idea of providing a public peepshow remains an unsettling one.
As Aislinn Hunter says in her study of "thingness," A Peepshow With Views of the Interior, "We may not be able to define what makes a thing, but we can certainly step back and try to see things in a more investigatory way; a way that will tell us as much about ourselves as it tells us about things.
In 2004, Siobhan contributed a dark electro cover of Joy Division's She's Lost Control to the first Agent Provocateur album, Peepshow, with an infamous video featuring a dominatrix Dita Von Teese and a George Bush look-alike.
The sheer speed of making a query, and finding myriad options, whether it's finding a boutique hotel in Gaza, unloading toxic assets-like the Penthouse under the bed with the amazing Dylan interview-or watching the antics of the subservient chicken, Burger King's once faddish, now shonky, avian peepshow.
Keltie Colleen, a Rockette who has also performed in Peepshow and music videos, observes the performers who consistently make the cuts.
Wonderful sitcoms please me too, so Peepshow, Outnumbered, As Time Goes By, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Not Going Out are ones that spring to mind.
Rock Paper Scissors and Peepshow Post Productions, Inc.
Through an adroit arrangement of parts, what at first appears blocked off or minimal, like the back of the hunting box, soon offers a narrow chink to the other side of this "one-way mirror," to an at once natural peepshow and kitschy frontier votive, and beyond that, to a charcoal drawing of a forbidding alpine setting.
Buildings in that district will be demolished soon for a new baseball stadium; the Post story discussed problems of relocating current businesses: raunchy bars with all-nude strippers, a gay bathhouse, and an arcade that sounds exactly like the A & R except the porn on view is more gay than straight, condoms are provided, and the peepshow cubicles are operative.
9-11; Lesley Gordon, Peepshow into Paradise (New York, 1953), pp.
His own comedy series Peepshow goes out on Channel 4 later this year, and he's also been busy on his latest film called Charlie Noades R.
Fans of the Channel 4 peepshow say that it is compulsive viewing.