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Synonyms for peeper

a viewer who enjoys seeing the sex acts or sex organs of others

an informal term referring to the eye

an animal that makes short high-pitched sounds

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Spring peepers are harbingers of the season, normally beginning their chorus around the time of the vernal equinox.
We stand in a vernal marsh surrounded by spring peepers so loud I
When we moved here in 1997 I walked by in early spring and it was so full of spring peepers, those little inch-long tree frogs that make a single loud peep over and over in search of a mate, that you could hardly distinguish one from the next.
That used to mean a lot of tree climbing, but Peepers enable biologists to check nearly triple the number of cavities in a given day.
The spring peeper is one of roughly 600 species of frogs that have been given the family name Hylidae.
A spring peeper is tiny--no bigger than the end of your finger.
The three stocking combinations (chorus frog, spring peeper, both species) result in a species treatment (chorus frog or spring peeper), and an interspecific competition treatment (each species alone versus each species with an equal density of the other species).
One of the most familiar choruses is the high-pitched, long-carrying keening of the variety of tree frogs known as Spring Peepers.
CREATURE PEEPER YOUNG nature enthusiasts can use this two-way magnifier to view garden critters from the top or bottom.
This is what it means to cry out as peeper frogs and chorus
Find your eye color on the chart at left, then find your perfect peeper pairing from the pencils below.
On one occasion some years ago, one mother--so outraged that a peeper had been peering into her daughters' bedroom windows--went looking for him while carrying a baseball bat
The hairy eyebrows above the orbits are peeper keepers, too.
Well-known Central Florida figures such as Bill Peeper of the Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau; U.
If you'd like to try and get a good look at a single peeper, try floating a piece of wood in the water.