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the part of a hammerhead opposite the flat striking surface (may have various shapes)

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I have heard of the firing pin stop itself being peened and damaged by this practice, but that has only been hearsay as I have not seen this phenomena myself.
In this application, the Nanovea Mechanical Tester, in Nanoindentation mode, is used to study the mechanical properties of two separately peened surfaces versus an untreated surface for comparative review.
Figure 3 compares the hardness profiles in the depth of peened 304 SS.
The morphology of fracture surface of specimen from STN 419552 steel shot peened 8 minutes on the surface near notch (Fig.
We now subject MILAM strips, which are made out of the same material as the part to be peened and supplied by the OEM or part end user, to the shot stream to develop actual residual stress profiles produced by the controlled shot peening," Welsch said.
The parts would then have been glass bead peened, followed by vapor degreasing to remove the glass residue.
The stress distribution through the member can be shown graphically if the peened surface is at the top of the member.
We're finding that architects are increasingly specifying a shot peened finish to stainless steel as it confidently fulfils their specified and exacting cosmetic criteria.
Compressive residual stresses in peened layer can be beneficial for preventing the delayed fracture.
Smooth the peened end to blend with the outside of the bolt.
In the shot peening process, parts are prepared by masking areas that cannot be peened.
If you do, you can reduce the peened area a bit by rolling the yoke on a fine file.
Virtually any component can be peened, but it's particularly beneficial for parts such as torsion bars, connecting rods, and gearbox components; dependant on the application, the peening process can increase component life by millions of cycles.
To me, it appears that as the barrel is cammed down to unlock from the slide it possibly rebounded slightly from the stop and was peened by the burr on the slide.
Typically, the parts peened measure up to 2030mm long x 760mm wide x 100mm deep, although the machine can accept components as long as 3050mm.