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loss of bits of outer skin by peeling or shedding or coming off in scales

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Claudia Borelli, President of the International Peeling Society.
The peeling solution was neutralized with water after development of mild erythema.
They are suitable for those who don't have time to recover from a deeper peel or don't want any visible peeling.
In experiments with more than 6,000 field-ripened Roma-style (sometimes called "plum") tomatoes, USDA scientist and ASABE member Zhongli Pan and his industry and university colleagues have shown that using infrared heating to simplify removal of the tomatoes' tight-fitting peels may offer advantages over other peeling technologies.
In a study published in 2014, the researchers showed that peel-related loss, measured by comparing the tomato's weight before and after peeling, was about 8% to 13% with infrared heating, and about 13% to 16% with sodium hydroxide-based peeling.
8% concentration of glycolic acid, which gently smoothes, resurfaces and tones your face without the skin tightening and peeling off.
HEPRO GmbH, Germany has introduced an industrial peeling machine of type HSM 6000 and HSM 9000.
Rust-Oleum has introduced Zinsser Peel Stop Triple Thick High Build Binding Primer, an interior/exterior primer specially formulated to lock down peeling paint and seal weathered surfaces.
According to Marimuthu, the innovative man, his machine can help farmers avoid the risks involved in peeling off fibres by iron rods and can be performed by any abled body.
1 : to strip off the skin or bark of <I'm peeling apples.
COUNTRYSIDE: While reading the July/ August 2007 edition, I read the article on peeling boiled eggs submitted by Kathy from Montana.
Potato processors using tandem Heat and Control Batch Peelers in a two-stage process achieve greater peeling control and cleaner fryer operation.
Apply an even layer with the mini mask brush and relax for 20 minutes before peeling off.
APPLICATION: Paper surface strength--an important property influencing coating, printing, and converting--can be reliably measured by this simple procedure based on peeling tapes from paper surfaces.
The discipline of the kitchen, doing things absolutely the perfect way, from peeling a carrot to cooking an egg in the morning, no technique went unmentioned," he continues.