peel off

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  • verb

Synonyms for peel off

peel off the outer layer of something

take off, as with some difficulty

Related Words

come off in flakes or thin small pieces

peel off in scales

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Peel off mask formulation with various concentration of red dragon ethanol extract (Hylocereus costaricensis (FAC Weber) Britton & Rose).
* No foam residue; easy to peel off after test leaving no foam on the substrate, no need to scrape off residue, just clean
Origins Ginzing Peel Off Mask, PS24, This coppercoloured face mask peels off dull dead skin leaving your complexion glowing.
You can find the Natural Peel Off nail polish at
According to cricket experts, If a bowler notices any unusual thing n the ball, he is due to take it to umpire, and only umpire can cut off the thread, or leather peel off the ball.
How often does the screw-top milk bottle fail to yield up its goods and the peel-off handle on a tin of mackerel peel off and leave the fish snugly secure inside the can?
NREL's cells could be made easily on Stanford's peel off substrate.
By introducing a layer of anti-adhesive material into medical tape, between the backing and the adhesive sides, they could ensure that the backing could peel off without having to reduce the strength of the adhesive.
Rounded corners make the tape less likely to peel off.
It takes some effort to peel off, but doesn't harm what's underneath at all, and can be re-used indefinitely.
They are simple to use, just fit 3 AAA batteries into each light, peel off the backing and stick.
Peel Off Deep Pore Cleansing Masque for Men (10g, 99p)
The researchers saw skinny, pink youngsters poke their lower jaws against their mother's' backs and peel off the dark outer layer of her skin, leaving her bluish white.
Building shape can affect wind loads from vortex shedding: wind whirlpools form at building corners and then peel off, imparting crosswind forces.
Once the notes and keys have been memorized, simply peel off the static-cling labels.