pedunculated polyp

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a polyp with a stalk or peduncle

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Pedunculated polyps may be hidden in the subglottis and may be noticeable only during phonation or forced expiration.
1-3) The lesion usually presents as a pedunculated polyp located in the first part of the duodenum and measures from 0.
When observing mobile filling defects, a second entity to keep in mind is a pedunculated polyp with a long stalk.
Telescopic and fiberoptic examination revealed a huge, pedunculated polyp that obscured the vocal folds.
Researchers compared 184 consecutive patients with sessile colorectal polyps 2 cm or larger with another 184 consecutive controls with smaller sessile or pedunculated polyps.
The jejunum and ileum demonstrated >20 small hamartomatous polyps and several very large pedunculated polyps measuring up to 20 mm (Figure 1).