pedunculated polyp

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a polyp with a stalk or peduncle

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Pedunculated polyps may be hidden in the subglottis and may be noticeable only during phonation or forced expiration.
In this study, the patient with the adenocarcinomatous pedunculated polyp was positive for MUC5AC with Western blotting (not shown).
When observing mobile filling defects, a second entity to keep in mind is a pedunculated polyp with a long stalk.
Telescopic and fiberoptic examination revealed a huge, pedunculated polyp that obscured the vocal folds.
DISCUSSION: The 60 year old male presented with an isolated pedunculated polyp in the rectum where foci of in situ carcinomatous changes were noticed both in adenomatous/ villo adenomatous component.
Macroscopically, it appears as a sessile or pedunculated polyp with surface ulceration and congestion.
All pedunculated polyps were excised through the fibreoptic video endoscope.
Researchers compared 184 consecutive patients with sessile colorectal polyps 2 cm or larger with another 184 consecutive controls with smaller sessile or pedunculated polyps.
3) from the 17-year-old showed approximately 70 sessile and pedunculated polyps ranging in size from 3 to 25 mm in diameter.
25) Sessile and flat polyps appear as flame shaped or pea shaped with virtual dissection, and pedunculated polyps appear as varied distorted shapes.