pedunculate oak

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medium to large deciduous European oak having smooth leaves with rounded lobes

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The spatio-temporal development of height curves of pedunculate oak per age class is unambiguously determined by bifurcations for all times.
The phase space of diameter growth for pedunculate oak [[phi].
The oaks of commercial value in Europe include Quercus petraea, which is also called sessile oak and durmast oak; and Quercus robur also known as English oak or pedunculate oak.
This Pedunculate Oak is estimated to be approximately 770 years old, making it a contemporary of Llywellyn Ap Gruffydd and King Edward I.
A second trial site covering four hectares at the Audi production site in Gyor, Hungary, is currently being planted with more than 13,000 Pedunculate Oaks.