pedunculate oak

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medium to large deciduous European oak having smooth leaves with rounded lobes

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Influence of annual weather on growth of pedunculate oak in southern Sweden.
Biotic and abiotic factors affecting the dying back of pedunculate oak Quercus robur L.
Acorns of pedunculate oak become the main food source in late summer and autumn, and even in spring after hibernation.
glis prefers mature mixed forest stands with old pedunculate oak trees.
In this context and taking into account the need for preserving high proportions (minimum 60-70%) of sessile oak trees in Romanian mixed stands, the paper aims at characterising the dynamics of the process of natural mortality in two sessile oak-dominated stands including tree species with different light requirements (either hornbeam as moderate shade-tolerant or Hungarian oak and Turkey oak as light-demanding tree species but definitely less than sessile or pedunculate oak Negulescu and Savulescu, 1957; 1965; Stanescu, 1979; Stanescu et al.
Les chenes sessile et pedoncule, deux ecologies distinctes (Sessile oak and pedunculate oak, two distinct ecologies).
The spatio-temporal development of height curves of pedunculate oak per age class is unambiguously determined by bifurcations for all times.
It is the objective of this study to estimate the rate of hybridization between sessile and pedunculate oak in a mixed stand using two complementary approaches.
As reported by various authors, the average levels in oak-lactone and ellagitannins are respectively higher and lower in sessile oak than in pedunculate oak.
Cultivation of approximately 150 000 plants the pedunculate oak arboreal (Quercus robur).
In Lithuania however, situated beyond the continuous range of the beech, pedunculate oak becomes the essential tree in habitats of G.
This Pedunculate Oak is estimated to be approximately 770 years old, making it a contemporary of Llywellyn Ap Gruffydd and King Edward I.
Its crown usually keeps a straight monopodial structure, with less imposing dimensions than those of pedunculate oak.
These plots are found in higher altitudes and have high continental influences, which is not optimum for the presence of pedunculate oak (Timbal and Aussenac, 1996; Diaz-Maroto et al.
A second trial site covering four hectares at the Audi production site in Gyor, Hungary, is currently being planted with more than 13,000 Pedunculate Oaks.