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an adult who is sexually attracted to children

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As expected, the pedophile subjects made strong associations between sex-relevant words and children.
Unlike the pedophiles, which American bishops have made public reparations or suffered serious discipline, mea culpas aside?
40% of a pedophile sample reported that they had engaged 'very often' in sexual activity prior to age 14 with an adult, with 28% stating that this activity had occurred sometimes.
Kevin Bacon, with Kyra Sedgwick, stars as a pedophile who wants to keep his demons at bay, in ``The Woodsman.
Fedoroff studied 26 such patients and compared them with 290 pedophiles who did have identifiable victims.
The photo on this month's cover shows convicted pedophile priest Father Robert Larson with then 12-year-old altar boy Eric Patterson.
But once the pedophile was outside, the neighbor began beating him.
The average incarcerated pedophile reports being arrested for only one out of every 30 molestations.
It's difficult to know whether a given pedophile has not re-offended or simply re-offended and not been caught.
Kincaid focuses on media portrayal of the main defendant in the case, Raymond Buckley, to illustrate how our culture has socially constructed the pedophile as someone who is physically and psychologically "other".
Rind and Bauserman, both of whom had previously published in a journal dedicated to pedophilia, went on to present their findings at a December 1998 conference hosted by a pedophile advocacy group in the Netherlands.
Strictly speaking, a pedophile has "recurrent, intense sexual urges or sexually arousing fantasies of engaging in sexual activity with a prepubertal child" (Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 28th ed.
The North American Man-Boy Love Association, (NAMBLA), the world's largest pedophile group, proclaims in one of its publications: "Gay liberationists in general, and boy-lovers in particular, should know Kinsey's work and hold it dear.
I have no idea what the actual proportion of pedophile Protestant clergy is, but I would be amazed if it was more than a fraction of 1 percent.
Not every child who is sexually assaulted becomes a pedophile and, likewise, not every pedophile was sexually assaulted, said Graber, who is director of outpatient service at You Inc.