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someone who travels about selling his wares (as on the streets or at carnivals)

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9m order prior to the end of June, concluded Pedlar.
Most recently, Pedlar was a general manager for a manufacturer of surfacing materials, primarily in the architectural and institutional markets.
General manager Emma Dalton said: "We're delighted to welcome Kim Pedlar to the team, which marks a successful year of growth for the hotel.
The council fears the new rules will allow pedlars to be able to move around at will in the city centre, harming legitimate traders' business and potentially giving a negative impression to tourists.
The Pedlar is a more fleshed-out version of an earlier character portrayals of characters who often describe scenes of suffering in Wordsworth's poems, which are presented as serial encounters between a roving narrator and a stray denizen who just happen to appear before him.
THE image of Cardiff as one of the premier shopping locations will be damaged if proposals to relax the law on street pedlars are given the green light.
Fontaine begins by questioning the stereotype of the pedlar as a rootless, poverty-stricken migrant living on the verge of criminality.
CAUGHT OUT: A pedlar is snared by police in an operation in Cardiff
Pedlars and the popular press; itinerant distribution networks in England and the Netherlands 1600-1850.
While some people may still cling to a romantic view of pedlars as harmless Del Boy figures the reality is no laughing matter.
PEDLARS who exploit an ancient law to sell their goods on Liverpool's busiest streets will be removed within weeks.
PEDLARS could be banned from the streets of Liverpool by a ground-breaking new law.
TOWN hall chiefs last night demanded action to clear the streets of menacing gangs of Victorian-style pedlars selling shoddy and dangerous goods.
Complaints from shoppers and stores led to the operation which targeted pedlars in Cardiff city centre.