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a small stalk bearing a single flower of an inflorescence


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(A) Laparoscopic view of the right ovarian (ro) and pedicle (rp), slightly caudal to the right kidney (rk), after tacking suture.
The launch of Vitality+ POWER follows Zimmer Biomet's recent 510(k) clearance for pedicle preparation and screw insertion under power.
If a flap is completely released from humeral insertion together with the dissection of the pedicle, it can be successfully transferred to distal regions such as the vertex of the cranium (8).
A landmark technique was introduced in the 1930s by Schwarzmann who incorporated periareolar deepithelialization enabling increased resection of glandular volume while maintaining the Nipple Areolar Complex (NAC) blood supply via a dermoglandular pedicle. (4) Several modifications were made to this technique including the Gillies and McIndoe V-shaped resection of the upper middle breast segment.
Pedicle screw was first inserted with the aid of iCT-guided navigation in the lateral decubitus position followed by simultaneous minimal access spinal surgery (MASS) for anterior decompression and reconstruction.
The model stability and stress of the pedicle screws, connecting rods and interbody fusion cages were tested under different operating conditions, namely, anterior flexion, posterior extension, left and right lateral flexion, and left and right rotation.
CTA was also performed out of concern for large caliber vascular pedicle to the tumor, with only limited axial blood supply noted (Figure 2(b)).
From this point, the transverse process and facet joint of T10-S1 could be easily exposed, and the pedicle screws could be precisely inserted (Figure 2B-D).
Keywords: Conjunctival pedicle graft; corneal ulcer; dog; staphyloma
The flap was divided completely just behind the entry of its vascular pedicle, making it a true tadpole shaped island flap (fig-4).
Splenic vessels were torted with about 1080 degrees clockwise rotation with long vascular pedicle with splenic vein thrombosis (Fig.
Dale Mitchell, President and Founder of Captiva Spine stated, "We are pleased to know that after successfully supporting over 5000 surgeries with Captiva Spine pedicle screws, that surgeons have come to know our company as providing thoughtful and elegant systems combined with reliable solutions for the growing and diverse clinical needs in spine care." During the recent introduction of the newest MIS rod inserters, Captiva Spine's Director of Research and Development, Dennis Ty, said, "PivoQuik and PivoRod LP Inserters have been performing as expected, which has resulted in a bigger than expected demand for our reliable rod inserter tools and method."
The first surgery performed with the one-step-insertion of pedicle "smart screws" guided by SpineGuard S.A.'s DSG (Dynamic Surgical Guidance) technology has been completed in France.
Among various procedures, laterally positioned pedicle graft (LPG) is widely used successfully to cover recession defects.