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a small stalk bearing a single flower of an inflorescence


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Through subsequent experiments, the researchers found that jasmonic acid prevents pedicellate spikelets from producing seeds.
Flowers pedicellate, bisexual, buds cylindrical, pedicel 1-1.5 cm in length; epicalyx orange; corolla 6-merous, 5-5.5 cm in length, intense orange, valvate; stamens-6, dimorphic, 3 major and 3 minor, alternating with each other, majors 4.7 X0.1 cm, minors 4.3 X 0.1 cm, included; ovary ca.
Basidiospores sub-globose to oval dark brown 3.56 A- 4.57.5 m with central oil droplet pedicellate pedicel up to 12 m long brown to hyaline tapering straight to slightly curved.
Other than the ascomata opening by a flat circular lid, the family was characterized by bitunicate and fissitunicate, clavate or ellipsoidal, short pedicellate asci, and applanate or rarely cylindrical ascospores with three or more transverse septa with or without longitudinal septa and usually with a thick sheath and frequently circular in section but narrowing to one end [1,2].
The flowers are pedicellate, greenish white, 6 mm long, 5 mm across, mildly fragrant, cup-shaped, bisexual and actinomorphic.
6 mm diameter, short pedicellate, the pedicels filiform, 1.5-2.5 mm long; floral bracts light brown, triangular, ca.
The hypothesis that individual constancy occurs when bees are flying explains behavioral differences when the flowers offered are pedicellate (Wells and Wells 1984), but not when the flowers are sessile where the bees can walk from flower to flower (Waddington and Holden 1979).
Flowers pedicellate, the pedicel 0,5 mm long, subtended by a small, triangular acuminate, 2 mm long bract.
Pedicellate cylindrical upper ovary surmounted by a style emerging from a corolla and ending in a stigma divided in two very wide sensitive laminae (as in martinia).
Caryopsis size and germination of Andropogon gerardii pedicellate and sessile spikelets.
Pedicellate spikelet glabrous on both sides of the midnerve and alternately pilose and glabrous in the remaining zones with long translucent to whitish setiform hairs.
The pedicellate pipers of Mexico and Central America (Piper subgen.
The flowers are pedicellate and monochlamydeous with six yellow-greenish tepals, an androphore and numerous stamens (see Figure 1D).