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a small stalk bearing a single flower of an inflorescence


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Through subsequent experiments, the researchers found that jasmonic acid prevents pedicellate spikelets from producing seeds.
ericae can be recognized by having the following traits: (1) a sericeous dorsiventral vegetative shoot, with short internodes; (2) the larger leaf in a pair oblanceolate, adaxially green, abaxially green less often reddish with contrasting red or deep purple in the apical 1/3 or 1/5 of the foliar area, 11 veins (rarely 7-14); (3) inflorescences with two to three pedicellate flowers usually adpressed to the ventral side of the vegetative shoot, bracts lanceolate, 1-3.
It is characterized by globose fruiting bodies with white exoperidium and lead grey endoperidium oval long pedicellate basidiospores.
6 mm diameter, short pedicellate, the pedicels filiform, 1.
The hypothesis that individual constancy occurs when bees are flying explains behavioral differences when the flowers offered are pedicellate (Wells and Wells 1984), but not when the flowers are sessile where the bees can walk from flower to flower (Waddington and Holden 1979).
Flowers pedicellate, the pedicel 0,5 mm long, subtended by a small, triangular acuminate, 2 mm long bract.
Pedicellate cylindrical upper ovary surmounted by a style emerging from a corolla and ending in a stigma divided in two very wide sensitive laminae (as in martinia).
Caryopsis size and germination of Andropogon gerardii pedicellate and sessile spikelets.
but the latter is distinguished by the distinct pedicellate endoperidium and larger basidiospores, up to 6 pm diam.
4 to 5 mm wide, pedicellate, with a persistent calyx of five sepals and gynoecium of two superior carpels; the styles, where preserved, are persistent and appressed to one another or free.
Flowers distichously arranged, 2-4 mm pedicellate, opening during the day; sepals narrowly elliptic, acute, free, 17-19 mm long, carinate, nerved, glabrous, pale green; corolla semi-tubular, spreading at the apex, blue-violet to blue, paler proximally; petals ligulate, acute, 38-42 mm long with a pair of basal appendages; stamens & style exserted.
This saxicolous species is characterized by its 3-4-pinnate, paniculate, red inflorescences, with spikes 40 cm long, red floral bracts, erect or sub erect, not imbricate, pedicellate flowers and sepals 3 mm connate.
Sahnianthus is a pedicellate, bisexual, tubular, perigynous, six to eight valvate-lobed flower ca.