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a small stalk bearing a single flower of an inflorescence


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Zapata bladderpods observed on plots were classified based on their stage of developmental condition: (1) young plant, i.e., no dead leaves attached and all leaves formed angles with the surrounding soil at more than 45 degrees, (2) mature vegetative, i.e., presence of only a basal rosette of leaves and possibly bare pedicels, (3) mature with flower, and (4) mature with fruit.
Corymb A flat-topped to rounded inflorescence with pedicels attached at alternating points to the peduncle; outer flowers opening first.
The stalks supporting single flowers, or florets, are called pedicels (PED-i-sels).
1) consisted of a pair of ovaries each bearing multiple tubular ovarioles that connected to lateral oviducts by thin pedicels. Lateral oviducts joined to form the common oviduct, which led to the vagina.
Other traits such as petiole length, leaf length and width, flower diameter, and pedicel length, though had a fairly narrow range, differed significantly (p < 0.001) among the accessions, indicating highly significant variation among the accessions.
Notoedres cati can be recognized by its small size and typical sarcoptiform pretarsi with a long, unbranched pedicel The most characteristic feature is the dorsal anus in Notoedres cati, which differentiates this mite from Sarcoptes scabiei which possesses anus in ventral side of body.
First, take a look at the basal third of the antler beam, starting at the burr (attachment to the pedicel).
9 + Pome yellowish green, ovoid or obovoid, 5-loculed; fruiting pedicel 4-5 cm and thickened distally........................10.
If temperature does not rise beyond 35 degree celsius immediately the chances of spectrum diseases including Powdery Mildew and Fruit Pedicel outbreak are very much there" he explained.
Habitus (Figures 1-2): Head light brown with suprantenal margin yellowish brown, compound eyes brown, rounded, arranged transversely; ocelli closer to each other than to compound eyes; tylus smooth and rectangular with a slightly marked median carina; vertex smooth, rectangular, with a median carina slightly marked; antennae brown, pedicel sparsely setose, basal body of flagellum globose, with one arista smaller than pedicel; postclypeus dark brown, inflated, rounded in profile, with a longitudinal carina strongly marked; lateral grooves strongly marked, rostrum reaching mesocoxae.
Diagnosis.--Troglomorphic habitus; carapace without eyes or eyespots; epistome triangular and small; carapace with 8 setae on posterior margin; pedipalp smooth excepted for femur which is finely granular in basal part; pedipalp slender, both chelal fingers with 108-109 teeth; femur 5.20 times (length 2.29), patella 4.30 times (length 2.28) longer than broad, pedicel about half of total length of patella.
The only trouble with mulberries is the small, stem-like, woody pedicel that comes along with each berry.